Last Minute Checklist for Holiday Texting Success

15 Nov

For many businesses, non-profit organizations and schools the holidays can be the most hectic time of the year. Text messaging can help streamline and automate many of your pre-holiday tasks, leading to bigger profits and better turnout. To save some effort and get you on your way, we’ve made this holiday texting success list and checked it twice (so you don’t have to)!

1. Make Sure Your Subscriber List Will Shine

Sending out a big holiday promotion is very nice – but you better be sure you have a healthy list of subscribers to contact. Before you send text message you must have permission to do so. A keyword campaign can make it easy. I guarantee you’ve seen these around!

Start by securing a keyword through the EZ Texting tool such as ILOVEEZT. Then encourage people to use it! Place your keyword on signs and on your website with a message like, “Text ILOVEEZT to 313131 to receive  news and coupons!” Customers that text back will then be added to the “ILOVEEZT” list.

2. Make Sure Your Holiday Events are Top-of-Mind

When your organization wants to get the word out about a holiday bazaar, tree lighting ceremony, volunteer opportunity, or bake sale, sending out a group text makes it easy to connect. With a 98% open rate, texting practically guarantees that your message gets read. Think about scheduling a series of text messages to keep your event top of mind in the weeks beforehand. Make sure each week’s message is unique so your recipients can see that it’s something worth reading.

3. Make Your Subscribers Merry with Special Offers

Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday – not to mention last minute sales at the end of the year – holiday shoppers are bombarded by offers. How do you make sure yours stands out? Why not add some visual flair with a photo, video or gif via MMS?

Also, think about what you’re offering. Make sure it’s something that has real value to customers, like a discount, BOGO, or coupon. Consider ones that payoff next year to encourage future visits. You want this relationship to last until next year, right?

4. Use Texting for Customer Service

Before the customer service lines light up like a Christmas tree, think about how texting can help manage customer requests. Texting works well for letting customers know about deliveries and other time-sensitive alerts.

EZ Texting also offers EZ Chat, which allows customers to chat with you on a one-to-one basis with texting. We can help you text enable an existing phone number or purchase a new one specifically for this purpose. Many customers, especially millennials, prefer texting for help conversations, rather than calling or emailing.

Before the jingle bells jingle, and Kris starts to Kringle, make sure you’ve got your texting plans ready to go. Having your texting game rolling strong can help you acquire, engage, and service your contacts better during the busy holiday season. Get started now and have a merry, and more relaxed, holiday season. 

At EZ Texting, we're here to help your business succeed. Take advantage of our experience in SMS marketing to hone your marketing campaign. Connect with us, and sign up for free today.

Jessica Terashima is EZ Texting’s Director of Marketing Communications. She specializes in helping businesses improve their communication strategy, content and online branding.


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