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How Text Can Help the Legal Industry Keep Clients Engaged & Boost Referrals in 2021

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December 2, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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The case has long been closed: texting capabilities can give your law firm a win that no judge can overrule.

Excellent service and a strong reputation are essential tools in retaining clients, generating repeat business and getting crucial referrals. Consumers are increasingly turning to online options for many legal services (like drawing up a living will), thus posing a threat to smaller firms.

Many will pivot to focus on high-wealth individuals who expect white glove service and others will specialize or cater to a niche market, but all players can gain a competitive advantage by developing a relationship with clients and providing more personalized services.

Personal, customizable, convenient. Texting reaches clients where they are and uses channels they’re the most engaged with.


Compliant Texts Simplify Reminder Campaigns

Streamline communications and cut down on missed appointments and reschedules by adding automated text to your marketing channels.


Compliance is Key in the Legal Industry

As a member of the legal profession, it would certainly be bad form to ignore legal SMS compliance laws.

Over the years, numerous laws and regulations have been created to govern texting, email, and other digital marketing channels. The underlying purpose of these frameworks is to ensure that people receive only the communications they wish to receive — and mitigate all spam.

This is a positive thing for businesses (as well as clients). Unwanted messages get lost in the clutter and people lose interest in a channel that bombards them with useless info.

Keep messages compliant, keep clients happy, and keep business on the right side of the law.


How Does EZ Texting’s Features Aid Compliance for Text Messages?

One of the ways EZ Texting can help is by streamlining the process of uploading compliant contacts with our straightforward contacts management system. Compliant contacts are those that have agreed to receive text messages from your business.

Easily upload, keep track of comms, and ensure your opt-in list is up to date. You can further simplify the process by segmenting your audiences for more niche communications.

Sample Text Message

Our SafeSTOP feature further eliminates compliance risk with our revolutionary, secure process for opting out, setting preferences, or reporting unwanted texts. While this is critical for any industry, security is imperative for those in the legal field..


Schedule Meetings Faster with Reminder Texts

Remind clients to schedule appointments for in-person, virtual, or phone meetings. Sending an automated appointment reminder text message is the simplest, most unobtrusive way to reach out to your database.

Sample Text Message

Online scheduling makes it simple for clients to book appointments based on their own initiative and interest. And an easier scheduling process quickly translates into more clients — and more time you and your team are not spending on administrative concerns.


Minimize No-Shows with SMS Texting

Decrease no-shows via helpful prompts about upcoming meetings. Efficiently automate reminders with just a few clicks and ensure bookings run smoothly.

Sample Text Message

After all, time is money. A lawyer who works on contingency will particularly feel the impact on their wallet. Lost time translates into lost opportunities.

Texting helps alleviate these concerns. And with the ease of reminders and booking via textable link shorteners — you can also ensure that clients can set up appointments 24/7 or simplify rescheduling.


Texting Encourages Engagement with Current & Past Clients

Revive old relationships and strengthen the connection with leads and current clients via text message blasts. With text’s 98% open rate, often read within minutes (if not seconds) of receipt, you can easily connect with clients and prompt fast responses to your calls to action.


Boost Engagement By Sharing Valuable, Educational Content

Sample Text Message

Stay top-of-mind with existing clients by staying in touch and sharing value-packed and educational content.

Cultivate relationships by automating texts with smart inbound marketing strategies like Drip Campaigns. Segment contacts appropriately to best appeal to specific needs and interests.


Streamline Operations & Reduce Follow-Ups via 1-on-1 Chat Messaging

Sample Text Message

No matter what area of law you practice in, you can expect your clients will have questions.

Solve concerns quickly and efficiently with 1-on-1 Chat messaging. As an attorney, you’re selling your expertise. Address issues head on with expedient texted replies.

The ability to respond in real-time (averting time-consuming phone tags and other delays) will impress clients and keep them engaged (and ready to refer others to you).


Solicit Referrals & Website Reviews with Texts

Sample Text Message

Grow your business even more by actively seeking important referrals or a positive review on your website or other channels. Streamline the process by including a link clients can click or share.

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