Luke Wilson, EZ Texting’s CRO, Asks Interns: What’s Your Vision?

27 Jul
Giving back to the community is a fundamental part of EZ Texting's company DNA. Luke Wilson, EZ Texting’s CRO, is getting in the spirit by mentoring local youth leaders in the Mission of Hope Haiti internship program. The interns enter the program to help improve lives in Haiti, and also to help develop themselves. Luke will be giving a series of mentorship talks to the group and we’ll be covering them in our blog here!

Creating a Vision for the Future

In his first conversation with the interns, Luke discussed looking inward to build a life that follows a vision. He encouraged the young leaders to take a step back and answer the questions: Who are you? What do you value? And what will you be remembered for?

change your life

Following Your Vision

To get to the answers, Luke encouraged the interns to think about how these questions play out throughout their life.

When you’re young you start defining who you are and seeing what other people think of you. As you get older, you can start considering what you value, your moral compass, and who you surround yourself with. Coming into maturity, you can think about what you will be remembered for. Will others tell your story, and what will they say? Are your values and story connected?



choices matter


Learning by Mentoring

Reflecting on his experiences with these young leaders on LinkedIn, Luke talked about how gratifying it has been, “I am passionate in making an impact on our college-age leaders. They are the foundation of what’s next in our world. In working with an outstanding group of 41 youth leaders at Mission of Hope Haiti, it actually has served as an education for me.”

Next week, Luke will meet with with interns again to share more insight and guidance. Check back here to hear more!


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