Luke Wilson Wraps Up Visionary Series with Mission of Hope Haiti Interns

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Luke Wilson Wraps Up Visionary Series with Mission of Hope Haiti Interns

This week marked the final conversation that EZ Texting’s CRO, Luke Wilson, had with the Mission of Hope Haiti interns. Instead of a lecture, Luke spoke to the students in a more conversational setting, pulling together themes from all the previous sessions.

luke wilson presents to inters

Bringing the Growth Mindset Their Next School Semester

While Luke’s original growth mindset talk focused on personal development and career, this time he encouraged the interns to apply these lessons to their upcoming college semester. Could they be more understanding and patient with their roommates? Be better leaders with their friends? Take school more seriously?

seek first to understand then to be understood

Keep the Passion Alive

Luke explained that it’s easy to come out of an internship program inspired and invigorated – but it takes effort to make the passion last on an ongoing basis. It’s important to know who you are, focus on your values, and keep pushing forward.

luke wilson chats with interns

What’s Your Vision and Path

Everybody has different values, vision and focus. Luke asked these future leaders to share and discuss what they learned about who they are what their vision is for their future. He explained that they should chart a path a path based on fulfilling their larger true values.

Bringing It All Together

Luke asked the young leaders to share what they think about who they are, what they value, and how they will be remembered based on the work they’ve done. Many said that they want to be remembered for enabling others to succeed. They spoke about taking a non-judgmental approach to life, and of becoming people who lead by example not just by words. In working with these students, Luke demonstrated his commitment to making an impact and fulfilling goals that go beyond ourselves.

This is the last in the series of articles about Like Wilson at Mission of Hope Haiti. Stay tuned for more stories of EZ Texting leadership making an impact in the community.

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