March Madness Texting Can Help Your Hospitality Business Achieve Success!

March Madness Texting Can Help Your Hospitality Business Achieve Success!

March Madness is the best time to watch college basketball, but it can also be the best time for your hospitality business! Sports fans travel to the 14 different host cities to watch their favorite team play in the tournament. This means they will need a place to stay. And with a 24% increase in chicken wing orders, they’ll also need a place to grab a bite to eat with other fans! How can your hotel or restaurant bring March Madness fans through your doors with text messages?

fans watching march madness game

Create a Smooth Experience for Your Guests 

March Madness is a great opportunity for hotels. WalletHub also expects 71,000 people will travel to San Antonio for the Final Four, and all the other host cities will likely see a large amount of visitors. Create a smooth experience for your guests to really set yourself apart from the competition with text reminders.

Prompt your guests to sign up for text reminders when they make their reservation. Then, send a reminder message when their reservation is coming up soon. Include their reservation date and time, the address of the hotel, and and special amenities that you want to feature to this guest.

Promote Your Special March Madness Menu 

Your restaurant is ready for March Madness! You have drink specials during the games, you cut appetizer prices, and you have specials on wings. Now it is time to let your customers know about what is going on at your restaurant during March Madness.

Use a keyword to share your exciting new specials. Advertise your keyword at you restaurant and on social media. When customers text your keyword ‘MADNESS’ to 313131 the auto reply should contain all of the important info they need, “Come check out our March Madness specials! 2 for 1 drafts and all you can eat wings while the games are on! Can’t wait to see you there!” Grab their attention and make them excited for your great menu specials!

Remind Your Customers of Game Times 

If your restaurant or bar isn’t in one of these host cities, no need to worry! You can still have watch parties wherever you are located. Remind your customers when games are on. Let them know who is playing and what time they should be at your location to watch game.

Your message should grab their attention and be helpful, “It’s game time!! We will show the Oklahoma vs Virginia Tech game at 6:30 PM Thursday Night! Come watch the game with us and enjoy our all you can eat wings!”

march madness texting example

Time to Grab New Team Gear

If your team made it into the tournament, congrats!! Now get ready for current students and alumni to stock up on hats, t-shirts, and other fun merchandise from your store. Let your customers know about the new exclusive apparel that will be arriving just in time for the big game.

For example, you could ask your customers to text ‘ARRIVALS’ to 313131 for new arrivals updates at your store. Then, give your customers helpful, concise information about the new arrivals. “Be the first to wear our exclusive NCAA tournament hats, t-shirts, and more! They will be in store starting this Tuesday. Grab your size before we run out!”

Put These Ideas Into Action

Are you ready to use March Madness to boost business at your hotel, restaurant, or retail store? We are standing by here at EZ Texting and are ready to help you win big! When you’re ready, our customer service team can help you through each step with helpful tips and best practices. Call (855) 854-3024 or give it a try today!


The Hotel and Resort Text Message Marketing Playbook


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