Mobile and Social Trends Impact the Purchasing Decisions of Buyers

Mobile and Social Trends Impact the Purchasing Decisions of Buyers


There’s nothing shoppers dislike more than crowded parking lots at the mall, mile-long checkout lines and picked-over merchandise. In our fast-paced global society, time and money are precious commodities and consumers want to save more of both. Savvy shoppers are often choosing to forego the traditional mall experience, opting instead for the speedier functionality of making purchases online or with their mobile devices.

Emerging consumer trends provide an excellent opportunity for small business owners to rev up their mobile marketing efforts and engage with this new crop of tech-savvy shoppers. According to recent studies, mobile and social campaigns are influencing the purchasing decisions of users. Consumers say they are more likely to pick up an item they see posted on their social channels, and that they are more apt to consult new media for more information about a particular product or to compare relevant discounts prior to buying.

Here are some interesting statistics regarding new consumer behavior as reported by CMS Wire:

  • 68% of smartphone users plan to use mobile devices for holiday shopping.
  • 59% of consumers would be more likely to shop at a store with mobile self-checkout capabilities.
  • 56% search for store locations on their mobile devices.
  • 54% will check and compare prices via mobile.
  • 47% will obtain product info on the mobile phone or tablet.
  • Social media also plays a big part:
  • 81% say posts by friends on social media influences their buying decisions.
  • 30% of frequent online shoppers use Pinterest to discover new products.
  • 78% of consumers say posts made by companies influence their purchases.

A smart mobile marketing campaign takes these new purchasing trends into account. In order to boost revenue, ramp up customer engagement and build brand awareness, entrepreneurs can’t do business as usual. Brands must reach customers where they live with effective mobile marketing strategies.

Staying abreast of up-to-the-minute trends in technology can reposition your business. Enhance mobile marketing campaigns by implementing social media techniques to do outreach to this rapidly expanding demographic that relies on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Promote your product specials by tweeting about exclusive offers and discounts. Since more and more shoppers are consulting Pinterest for that perfect merchandise, you can start a board for your business that features free samples of your product and information on how to buy. Post pictures of your seasonal product on Facebook and encourage users to share.

Rapidly increasing mobile device use provides ample opportunity to take advantage of mobile marketing trends and to create innovative digital campaigns for ultimate customer engagement. Reach your revenue goals and watch business soar when you stay up to speed with this changing marketing game.


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