The Mobile Marketing Platform Built for 2020: An Inside Look at the Top Features

The Mobile Marketing Platform Built for 2020: An Inside Look at the Top Features

Are you interested in investing in a mobile marketing platform?

If you haven't heard, text message marketing is one of the most effective digital communications tools out there right now. In fact, according to recent reports, 90% of survey participants admit to checking their phones within 30 minutes of waking up. Additionally, 50% of respondents check their phones 5x per hour.

You would be hard-pressed to find this engagement in another marketing channel.

For more than two decades, we've helped over 160,000 industry-leading enterprises, small businesses, nonprofits, and organizations to activate high-value text marketing activities. From retail promotions to appointment reminders, there are so many great use cases for text messaging. Moreover, our text marketing platform works for a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, and real estate.

In this article, we'll show you the top text marketing features that our customers use every day. These businesses and organizations have unlocked a ton of value through these features, and we know your business or organization can too.

The 5 Top Features of EZ Texting's Mobile Marketing Platform

Unfortunately, most text message marketing providers fall short when it comes to features. Not all text message marketing platforms are created equal, and finding the very best solution takes careful planning and calculated consideration.

In your search, we invite you to try out our text message marketing platform. Take some time to familiarize yourself with our dashboard and then dive into these powerful mobile marketing features:

1. Link Shortener

There are a handful of link shortener tools out there, but our solution is a great option if you're considering investing in text marketing. Why? Our link shortener tool is integrated right into our send message flow, meaning you don't have to go to a separate tool and copy/past it into your composition.

Additionally, our URL shortener allows you to track who clicks on your links. Other tools may give you some basic traffic numbers, but our tool gives you individualized data designed to build highly personalized text message marketing campaigns.

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2. Text-to-Landline

With no changes to your existing voice service or equipment, text-to-landline enables you to send and receive text messages from a business landline. Most consumers enjoy the ease-of-access and responsiveness that text-to-landline offers. With the rise of mobile e-commerce, more consumers are using their phones to shop.
Text Communication Report and Text Marketing Statistics

As such, text-to-landline has become a powerful tool. From customer service requests to sales inquiries, there are so many reasons why customers might text your business or organization. With text-to-landline, you can keep your current and future customers happier with easier and seamless communications. Instead of putting customers on hold, send them a simple text – it's that easy!

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3. Personalization

Our text marketing software allows you to segment audiences and send highly personalized text communications. Start by making sure that you provide enough fields on the text marketing opt-in form for prospects to leave their full name. In this way, you can address recipients by their first name in future text promotions.

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4. Drip Campaigns

Sending a routine text message to your leads helps to keep your business top-of-mind. A drip campaign is a series of automated text messages. The best part is that once these messages are created, you'll never have to revisit them. Here are a few examples of typical drip campaign messages:

  • Welcome texts
  • New sales alerts
  • Product information
  • Event reminders

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5. Multimedia Messaging Service

Did you know that our text messaging platform supports image, video, and audio files? Our customers love sending these types of messages to prospects and customers. Typically, our customers build a backlog of "evergreen" imagery, video, and graphics. These types of messages can be used over and over again to promote recurring sales events, promotions, reminders, and more.

As a bonus, we offer plenty of great MMS templates that you can download for free. Use these templates to kickstart your MMS marketing program.

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Start Texting Today With EZ Texting

Now that you've seen our features, it's time to get started! In minutes, you'll have everything you need to start texting your prospects and customers. The best part is that you don't need any special knowledge or technology to start texting your contacts right now. Our refreshingly simple web-based text message service allows you to select a contact group, type your message, and hit send – it's that easy!

Before you get started, we recommend downloading our new report. Inside, we give you access to the most up-to-date mobile usage and text message statistics from over 1,000 survey participants across ages 18-6+.

Join the 160,000 customers who have already started using text messaging to connect with high-value prospects and customers.

You can also join our Agency Partner Program for specialized pricing, in-app agency branding, a dedicated account manager, and more.

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