Mobile Marketing Projected to Increase ROI

21 Nov

Thanks to the inexorable rise of mobile device ownership, marketing execs are increasingly turning their attention – and budgets - to smartphone-friendly campaigns since mobile marketing is projected to increase ROI. A quick glance at the numbers and it’s starkly obvious which way the tide is turning. Last year, mobile marketing budgets were worth a combined total of $6.7 billion. In 2015, retailers and marketers are expected to spend $19.8 billion on mobile marketing.

The ROI for these rapidly-expanding budgets is similarly impressive. By 2015, when 81% of the US population will own a smartphone, analysts expect mobile revenues to be worth $400 billion. Right now, three out of every four smartphone owners use their mobile device for shopping.

Considering the transparent benefits of adopting mobile marketing strategies, it’s surprising how many businesses have yet to catch on. There is a resistance – especially amongst older, more established brands whose main point-of-sale is offline – against following the current mobile marketing trends. Some are overwhelmed by the possibilities, and prefer to stick to what they know. Others are dyed-in-the-wool luddites who refuse to engage. 

In any case, marketers who put their head in the sand will ultimately lose out. The best advice for companies still digging their heels in is to take it slow. It’s not a choice between squirming on the shore or diving off the deep end. Instead, dip your toe into the warm, shallow waters of SMS messaging. It’s cheap. It’s effective. It’s also incredibly straightforward to set up, with companies like EZ Texting offering mobile text packages that are tailor-made for your industry.  

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