Which Mobile Marketing Tactics Should You Be Using?

Which Mobile Marketing Tactics Should You Be Using?

With almost 4 billion mobile phone users worldwide and more than 79 million mobile social networkers projected by 2015, mobile marketing tactics are now of utmost importance in brand development and overall marketing strategy. Below are a few of the top trending mobile marketing tactics - and how to wield them most effectively.

Mobile Search
In a recent study, Google found that 65% of study participants began any online search for information or for shopping by using their mobile devices. Mobile organic search is thus one of the most important mobile marketing channels to focus on, and marketers should be aware of the proper techniques for mobile optimization. Beyond mobile search optimization, however, marketers must also understand how to build a conversion-friendly mobile web site. Mobile versions of web sites should appeal to mobile users, with ease of use, clarity in design, and simple channels to take actions when desired. The best way to tailor a web presence for mobile devices is to develop a responsive web site, which detects the type of device a visitor is using and presents content and layouts that are designed for that interface. The smartphone users in Google’s study were primarily motivated by communication and entertainment activities. That means presenting valuable, entertaining, interesting, and interactive content, especially content that inspires sharing, is of utmost importance when establishing brand awareness strategies. Developing content for mobile web sites should be mobile specific—no long articles or studies, but rather entertainment or concise factual information.

Mobile Apps
According to Nielsen, mobile users are now spending 10% more time on mobile apps than they are on the mobile web. There is a huge potential for consumer engagement through innovative, fun, and social mobile apps. Developing apps that make consumer experiences more unique, fun, or simple are key elements to keep in mind. Under the guise of apps, marketers also launch short mobile games utilizing rich media in order to promote products. In early 2013, Adidas Philippines, for example, launched a rich media game to promote its new Boost shoe, which resulted in a 1.27% click-through-rate, with 1.2 million impressions and over 15 thousand clicks.

Location-Based Mobile Advertising
An emerging and increasingly essential mobile marketing channel is location-based mobile advertising, which tracks where consumers are located and offers coupons for nearby stores to encourage immediate actions. For instance, in April 2013, frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry launched a geo-specific mobile ad campaign that offered mobile coupons to motivate nearby consumers to visit stores. Pinkberry ran the ads on the Pandora iPhone app, which showed consumers their current approximate distance from the nearest Pinkberry along with a mobile coupon for $1 off and a click-to-call button.

SMS Marketing
With a 98% open rate and a conversion rate of approximately 8.2%, according to a 2010 report by the Direct Marketing Association, mobile SMS marketing has become one of the leading mobile marketing tactics for new and growing brands. In one use case, Chick-Fil-A employed text message marketing to build their list of opt-in guests for a text message club, which is poised to offer specials and discounts for club members. Customers that joined the club immediately received a coupon for a free chicken sandwich, with a redemption period of 2 weeks from opt in. After only the first 5 days, a single Chick-Fil-A store received 564 opted-in customers to whom they can now continue to remarket.

With the growth of mobile and the success of so many use cases in mobile advertising, it’s no doubt that mobile marketing tactics must be utilized in both small and large scale marketing strategies. The question is: which mobile marketing tactics are suited for your brand and your target audience? Addressing this question and implementing strategies to test which tactics work best will become increasingly imperative in the developing mobile economy.

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