Mobile Messaging as a Gateway Channel

Mobile Messaging as a Gateway Channel


A study released by Pew Internet found that America’s most popular activity on a mobile device is still text messaging. The same study reports that over 90% of American adults currently own a mobile device, making this an opportune time to implement a non-invasive SMS marketing strategy. SMS marketing is not only a highly effective mobile marketing strategy on its own, it can also be an effective “gateway” to encouraging participation in a brand’s additional marketing channels and activities.

As brands start to discover the opportunities afforded by SMS mobile marketing campaigns, they’ll find that text messaging provides a pathway to a wide array of additional marketing channels, including MMS, gathering email addresses, and location-based touch points. Even voice broadcasts and the integration of hyperlinks within SMS messages to drive users to a mobile website — all of these strategies compel users to interact with the brand and engage through various channels.

Thus, SMS marketing becomes a genuinely interactive method of perpetual and cyclical information delivery, offering everything from tips, coupons, alerts and rewards to behaviorally targeted initiatives, like karaoke, contests, surveys, and trivia. A knowledgeable marketer will maintain that user experiences be focused specifically for each type of mobile device, engaging with old phone users more simplistically and with smartphone owners via extra levels of intricacy that take advantage of evolving operating systems. Furthermore, with each interaction, a brand can gather supplementary bits of customer data, allowing for greater comprehension of the consumer in order to consistently offer targeted content.

In a nutshell, SMS mobile marketing offers companies a conduit to both initiate a connection with customers and to obtain additional data about their consumer base. SMS is certainly the ultimate gateway for familiarizing consumers with a company’s mobile campaign. Text messages are clear, concise, and available to just about anyone who uses a mobile phone. In developing a successful customer communication program, remember to focus on convenience, entertainment level, and relevance for the particular audience. Because it is such a simple and effective tool, leading to a plethora of additional marketing channels, text messaging has risen to the top of the list of available marketing strategies.