10 Quick Tips for Growing Mobile SMS Lists

10 Quick Tips for Growing Mobile SMS Lists

Are you using mobile SMS lists to grow your business? If not, you're missing out on one of the most effective marketing channels there is.

An increasing number of businesses have already latched on to the marketing power of social media, and some have started to augment it with mobile SMS marketing. But the cleverest trick in the mobile text marketing book is linking your channels to their mutual advantage. The web has unlimited reach, and text contact lists provide targeted opportunities to engage with customers. While mobile SMS lists can help you finesse your online strategy, social media can point more people towards opting in to your text list.

The first step towards achieving perfect campaign synergy is growing your mobile SMS lists. There are lots of ways to do this. It’s important to use a variety of web and mobile marketing strategies, so mix and match our ten top tactics and watch your mobile SMS lists grow:

1) Freebies work. Always have, always will. There’s no better way to announce yourself as a heavyweight brand than to offer a free unit, available to anyone who opts into your SMS contact list.

2) Landing pages should be visually arresting, with a sharp, uncluttered layout. Keep the text concise and the graphics simple. People are more likely to keep browsing if your website is easy on the eye.

3) With any free offer, emphasize the incentive. People are more likely to opt in if they understand the benefits clearly.

4) Get your keywords in front of the public in imaginative ways. Make bumper stickers, build educational websites relating to your product – anything that you can piggyback the vital information on.

5) Liberally pepper your locale with QR codes. Done right, they’re a fantastic way to pique attention.

6) Use print and online media in complementary ways. Take out a stark advert in the local paper that simply has your web address or, even better, your top ranking keyword.

7) Use social media to distribute web forms that will let them know about your business. Make sure they can opt-in to your mobile SMS lists directly from the form.

8) Voting contests or trivia quizzes are consistently popular, so use them as part of your social media campaign. An engaging game is much more likely to be shared than an advert, and creates a relationship with the customer that will translate into opting in.

9) Referral bonuses are a compelling way for mobile text marketing campaigns to reach more people. Offer virtual coupons to the person sharing and the person receiving, and incentivize a specified number of referrals with a special offer.

10) Find out what your customers preferences are. Let them talk to you through surveys and social media. Ask for profiles, and communication preferences - even if someone doesn’t want to be featured on mobile SMS lists, they might let you add them to your email list.

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