Movie-fy Your SMS With an App

31 Dec

As much as we love the simple SMS message, it’s also fun to jazz things up occasionally with some of the weird and wonderful messaging apps out there - especially when talking to friends with whom you share an interest in pop culture.  

There’s already PopKey for gif-lovers, and RapKey for hip-hop fans. Other musical genres are promised by the makers of the latter, and Emoji-fication has already put down strong roots in the text message world. The SMS modification craze is showing no sign of abating, and there are new additions to the canon seemingly every month. 

If movie references are more your scene, the latest way to mod out your text messages is an app called Crumbles. It takes typed text and transforms them into edits from a bewildering array of popular movies and TV shows, one word at a time. It’s kind of hard to describe, but try it for yourself - it works like this.

The audiovisual dictionary from which Crumbles pulls words is featured in a sidebar so you can easily access the full database. There’s even a special Homer Simpson themed version, although it has a much more limited choice of words so if you write anything but the most prosaic of messages you’ll end up with a generic computer voice filling in the nouns and adjectives that Homer can’t utter. There’s even a dictionary with words culled from obscure animated web series Bee and Puppycat.

Once you’ve typed in the phrase you want to send, simply share it on Facebook or Twitter. As apps go, this has to be on of the least useful and most fun. You’re never going to use it for communicating anything remotely important - it would be a terribly insensitive way to break bad news, for example, conjuring memories of Ralph & Ted for sheer inappropriateness. The luster doesn’t take long to wear thin either. Crumbles is destined to be used a few times and then cast aside, like so many Christmas toys. But the ride sure is fun while it lasts. If you’re after a fun, interesting way to send someone a message and give them a giggle at the same time (or if you’re just feeling spectacularly bored and want to hear Darth Vader, Christina Applegate and Forrest Gump say ‘I smell like Alabama’… not that anyone at EZHQ would do such a thing) then Crumbles is your guy.

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