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Nab These 6 Real Estate SMS Samples You Can Use Right Now

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September 17, 2021
EZ Texting
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Most real estate agents are already using Short Message Service (SMS) marketing.

According to Google Trends, the search term "text marketing" peaked in 2011 and has been holding steady since. So, if you haven't already invested in text marketing for your real estate business, you're a little behind the curve and need to catch up quickly.

To get off to a fast start, you need a diverse set of messages to send to close more deals and bring in more referrals. As the long-time mass text messaging service market leader, we've worked with tons of real estate agents, and we know which campaigns have helped grow their businesses quickly.

We'll show you some powerful real estate SMS samples that have proven effective in the wild.


6 Samples of Real Estate SMS Messages You Can Use Today

Getting started quickly means shortening the real estate text marketing learning curve. And the best way to do that is to learn from the experience of other agents. Here are six real estate SMS samples you can swipe and use right now. At the end of this post, we'll show you how to get even more samples to use.


Holiday Gifts

It's no secret that the top real estate agents build their businesses by forming strong relationships with current and former clients and personal contacts. The holidays are a fantastic time to say thank you to people who have done business with you or have referred business to you, but with everything else you have going on, how can you make the time to communicate with them all, efficiently and in a personalized manner without spending days making phone calls or shooting out an impersonal group email? 

Sample Text Message

Whether you're mailing gifts, delivering them, or having contacts pick them up from your office, sending a text is the best way to follow up with clients and get the message out that you have a gift for them. Text message marketing statistics have shown that texts are opened and read almost five times more than email (98% to 20%), so you're almost guaranteed that no one will miss their gift.


Referral Promotions

When you do exceptional work, people are glad to refer you. They like getting the opportunity to connect their friends, family, and coworkers with an agent who will take great care of them, but they often don't think about it unless you remind them. Running referral promotions through bulk SMS can be a powerful way to get more business.

Sample Text Message

Referral promotions also provide an excellent opportunity to cross market with other local businesses. Instead of offering a generic incentive, partner with a local retailer, restaurant, or service business for the promotion and work out a trade to have the partner promote your agency.



Sample Text Message

The better you understand the wants and needs of your market, the better the service you can provide. Text-to-vote SMS polling is an innovative and effective way to learn more about your contacts. You can use text polls to find out what matters most to your prospects and clients when it comes to home choices, how they shop for homes, or where they hang out (so that you can market to them there).

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Agency Coordination

Sample Text Message

Here's a real estate SMS sample you probably haven't thought of — coordinating with your team. 

Agents don't spend a lot of time at their desks. So, catching everyone at the office can be hard to do. And, like everyone else, they tend to ignore emails but use text messaging constantly, so you can use mass text messages to make sure that your team gets your communications. If you need to get everyone together for a staff meeting or distribute important and time-sensitive information, a group text to your team is the way to get it done.


Birthday and Home Sale Anniversaries

Little touches make a big difference. Reaching out with a personalized message to say "Happy Birthday!" or "Happy Home Purchase Anniversary!" is a wonderful way to maintain good relationships with contacts who may do business with you again or refer you to their friends.

Sample Text Message

On birthdays, everybody sends a Facebook message, but your text will stand out as a text. And, when you help a client purchase a home, you have information that nobody else has. Take advantage of the opportunity to remind them of the special date in years to come. They'll also be reminded of your great service.


Review Requests

Sample Text Message

Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends? Online reviews can be one of your most powerful marketing tools if you manage them well. If you sit back and wait for reviews to come in, your happiest clients won't remember or set aside the time to leave them on their own. Plus, if you have a client who was less than satisfied, they're more likely to leave an online review.

So, make sure your online reviews are as fabulous as they can be by proactively asking your clients for reviews. Send a text message asking for a review shortly after the closing date and at a time when your clients will have a few minutes to write one up.

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Get a Text Marketing Playbook with 15 Real Estate SMS Samples

Even though other real estate agents have probably been using text marketing for a few years, that doesn't mean they're doing it well. By taking advantage of the real estate SMS samples in this post, you can grow your business quickly and move to the top of your local market. And we have more samples to offer.

To help our real estate clients get off to a fast start, we've compiled a list of the 15 most powerful text messages that agents have used to grow their businesses. You can access it right now. For free. Our Real Estate Text Message Marketing Playbook will give you more creative SMS samples like:

  • The Sneak Peek
  • Promote Open Houses
  • New Listing Alerts
  • Home Maintenance Tips
  • Appointment Reminders
  • And More!
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