Personalizing SMS for Customers

12 May

People associate text messages with family and friends, so using it for business purposes should emulate that sense of personal connection, personalized SMS for customers is important. A well-crafted, empathetic SMS marketing campaign will help you foster and sustain long term relationships with customers.

The art of an effective SMS campaign means striking the right balance between intimacy, professionalism and old-fashioned value for money. Texts must be timely, relevant and appropriate – and businesses have to recognize that these metrics will vary from customer to customer.

It really works. According to a survey run in April 2011 by the e-tailing Group and MyBuys, 46% of respondents were more likely to buy from retailers who personalized their experience, and 66% of respondents expected a more personalized experience if they were part of loyalty program.

In order to achieve a personalized mobile marketing strategy, you need to know as much as possible about the individuals who opt in to your SMS messaging list. If you run a restaurant, you need to find out food preferences. If you run a venue, you need know what sort of music people like, and so on. This information can be obtained via social media engagement, or through surveys and polls conducted on your website. A combination of multiple channels will yield the best results, as each avenue will generate different levels of detail. The more information you have, the more personal you can make your mobile marketing campaign.

It’s not just information harvested from survey submissions that’s useful. Simple details like zip codes and time zones can tell you a surprising amount about personal preferences.

As long as you use this information in the right way, you will reap the benefits of an SMS messaging campaign. Remember, most consumers prefer to engage via text, so provided you contact them at appropriate times, send them relevant information, and always offer something of value, your personalized campaign will prove effective. 

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