The Power of Texting in Shipping and Transportation Logistics

The Power of Texting in Shipping and Transportation Logistics

From drivers and warehouse employees to third parties and vendors, shipping and transportation logistics have a lot of moving parts that need to be addressed so packages can arrive on time. But emails, once the gold standard in communication, are often deleted or blocked by spam filters, making them not 100% reliable. So what options do companies have to coordinate deliveries?

Texting! Yes, the texts we already send out daily to friends and family not only can play a role in logistics, but they can actually become a key part of your operations strategy. See how texts can:

Simplify Communications

“Driver needed for two hour delivery - first to reply gets the job.”
“Your package will arrive in 25 minutes. Thank you!”
“Traffic on Main Street, use 1st Ave. instead.”

These texts are quite basic but can make a tremendous impact in how your business operates. These texts can also be automated and even sent out to thousands of people at once. You can also schedule texts to go out at future dates and even create auto-replies. For businesses of all sizes and budgets, this can save time and money. They’re also just a sample of how a simple text can go a long way. 

Strengthen Employee Services

EZ Chat is a product from EZ Texting that enables you to have personalized, one-on-one texting conversations. Perhaps a driver is on-site but has a question about parking? Maybe a warehouse manager wants to know more about which items need to be prepped? They can text in their questions and receive a response in real-time!

For many logistics companies, maintaining a roster of certified, trustworthy drivers is time-consuming. Accepting and processing applications, as well as keeping them in the loop during the interviews/hiring process, further strains resources. EZ Chat and other EZ Texting products enable you to manage driver applications, text confirmations, and coordinate isteps in the hiring process.

Deliver Timely Instructions

Like with personal use, companies can also send MMS (multimedia messaging service) texts, which are messages that have a picture, video, or sound file attached. You can send drivers a picture of their destination’s loading dock, or record specific instructions that are tough to squeeze in a text or email.
These options can help your company run more smoothly and ensure your customers are happy. These options are also just the start of how texting can drive growth.

Learn more about how texting can strengthen your bottom line by calling our Client Success Managers (800) 753-5732 to see how you can get started today!

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