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Retail Customer Service Examples Using SMS Messaging

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January 6, 2022
David Kovacs
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SMS customer service messaging is a powerful customer service strategy and can delight your customer, amplify your brand, and ultimately, drive return business. As a retail business owner, you understand customer service is the foundation of your success. In today’s mobile-first world, customer service begins long before your customers enter your store and should continue well after they leave. Done correctly with your customer’s needs in mind, SMS customer service messaging can be quickly integrated into your customer service messaging channels.


Customer Service Example & Templates

Using SMS messaging in retail really means applying your existing customer-first mindset and translating it into text messaging. Before you begin planning how you’ll communicate with your customers, first make sure you’re following the basic rules of etiquette and compliance for text messaging. Make you sure that:

  • They've opted in. Make sure your customer has agreed to receive customer service messages.
  • They can opt out. Always let your customer know they can opt out of your customer service messages.
  • You only send relevant texts. If your customer has opted in to customer service messaging, ONLY text them when the text is about servicing a specific purchase or order.

Once you’ve made sure you’ve checked the etiquette and compliance boxes off, you can begin to shape your SMS customer service message strategy. Remember, SMS communications with your customers can be personalized just like when you speak with them in person. You can do this by creating custom fields in your customer service SMS template. Examples of personalization include adding a field for a customer’s first name, their order number, and the name of your product or service. Here’s some SMS examples and templates to get you started.

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SMS Customer Service Scenarios & Text Examples

Reminder Template

SMS Customer Service Reminders

In this busy world, everyone loves reminders. Your business will love how sending SMS appointment reminders reduce no-shows and increase the likelihood that your customer will be there and arrive on time.

Confirmation Template

SMS Customer Service Confirmation Reminders

Show your customers you care and give them the control they crave by automating SMS order confirmation messages right from your POS or CRM.

Action Required Template

SMS Customer Service Action Required Reminders

When customers get busy, be helpful and remind them they need to act by a specific date or that an important date is approaching.

Order Updates Template

SMS Customer Service Order Updates

Delight customers by integrating your CMS or POS with SMS software to let your customers know when they can expect to receive their order.

Follow Up Order Template

SMS Customer Service Just Checking In Post Order

You work hard to establish a relationship with your customers. Nurture it! Send them messages to make sure they are happy with their product or service.

After Hours Template

SMS Customer Service After Hours Response

You can’t work 24/7. But your SMS platform can! Automate SMS replies so customers are always left feeling connected and satisfied.


delivery rate of SMS software

EZ Texting Customer Service Features

Whether using EZ Texting or other SMS platforms, your goal as a business should be to use SMS platforms to elevate your customer service by using SMS customer service messaging to delight customers. Not only does communicating with your customers via SMS show that you care enough to speak with them using the channel THEY prefer, but there are also many other ways this means of communication will benefit your business.

Send Text Alerts & Notifications

Today’s climate requires your business to be nimble. Keep customers and employees informed by sharing urgent updates and emergency alerts. SMS software has a 99% delivery rate so you can be sure your SMS alerts get delivered. Always put your SMS customer’s wishes first. By using a compliance tool like EZ Texting’s SafeSTOP™, you can confidently speak with your customer while ensuring they have a simple, secure process for opting out of text messages, reporting unwanted messaging, and setting preferences for future communications.

Manage Appointments

Streamlining your business operation using technology can be difficult while you're busy trying to run it. But SMS platforms like EZ Texting streamline appointment bookings and reduce no-shows. SMS can manage inquiries, confirmations, and cancellations while you use automated personalization to maintain a friendly brand face with your customers.

Confirm Orders & Deliveries

Provide stellar post-purchase customer service with order confirmation texts and shipping text notifications. For businesses with existing CRM and logistics software, our custom app integrations can easily connect workflows. When you download a mobile app like EZ Texting to your phone, you never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers via SMS. Mobile iOS apps like EZ Texting automatically sync all devices, contacts, and conversations. Boost customer satisfaction with quick responses and push notifications for incoming texts.

Payment Solutions & Reminders

Increase revenue with a text message payment system. SMS payments get you paid quicker, text reminders reduce late payments, and contact segmentation helps make customer invoicing easy.

Streamline Customer Support

Reduce the need for phone support while responding faster. Our SMS customer service software includes two-way texting, plus landline and toll-free number texting, to give your business a competitive advantage.

Gather Feedback

Deploy text surveys and polls to measure customer sentiment or get feedback regarding products and services.

Make a Lasting Impression On Your Customers

EZ Texting helps retail businesses communicate with their customers faster and more effectively. Most importantly, by delighting your customers by speaking with them in the channel they prefer, you can differentiate your customer service and your business by simply doing what you already do best, putting the customer first.

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