Retail Guide to Holiday Texting

Holiday Texting for Retail
Retail Guide to Holiday Texting

Let’s all hope that for 2020, this really is a November and December to remember and the most wonderful time of the year. Hang the holly, spin the dreidel, and get ready to deck the (socially distanced) halls.

This year will be different — in crowd size, safety procedures, inventory options, and other considerations — so plan ahead to unwrap the best quarterly sales. Jack Kleinhenz, Chief Economist of the National Retail Foundation, announced that he’s “cautiously optimistic,” but that holiday sales will hinge on “wildcard puzzle pieces.” 

So what can you do to solve this puzzle? Below is your guide to navigating holiday texting and how it can help you stay safe without sacrificing sales. 

1. Promote Safety

This year retailers need to give shoppers secure, stress-free methods in which to browse, buy, and take home. Many consumers won’t feel comfortable in crowded stores this year... even with well-stationed, complimentary hand sanitizers and clorox wipes. And many states have ordinances governing how many people can be in one enclosed space at a time.

Reevaluate habits, employ creative ways to interact, and use SMS to help you close more sales. It will be the answer for your pandemic holiday survival. 

Curbside Pickup: Over 75% of customers now seek Curbside Pickup options to assuage safety concerns: a statistic likely to rise during the winter. Safe, fast, convenient, and often less costly than delivery — it also leaves less of a carbon footprint with fewer cardboard boxes to recycle. Text clients when orders are ready for pick-up and simplify a secure, no-touch payment process with SMS.

Contactless Delivery: Our new retail realities have driven up the need for safe and convenient Contactless Delivery options. What’s worked as a key selling point for Jeff Bezos and Amazon all these years can also work for smaller, even local businesses. Communicate dispatch and delivery confirmations to customers, alert drivers with weather updates or traffic concerns, and more.

2. Promote Your Holiday Sales

Tempt customers and clients with too-good-to-miss textable (and trackable) coupons and promos... whether it’s a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offer, an exciting discount, or even a free item. It’s like a special gift for your customers. And because promos are the gift that keeps on giving, you’ll be equally rewarded with a boom in business.

3. Streamline Seasonal Staffing

‘Tis the season to boost your workforce. Seasonal hiring to accommodate a spike in business will help you seamlessly manage an influx of customers and sales. Trigger automatized texting alerts to alert jobseekers and freelancers for new opportunities (or even extra shifts), effectively onboard hires with newly created safety precautions, and more.

4. Boost Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Amidst a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, hopefully spent with friends and family cherishing what’s truly important (IRL or over Zoom), give further thanks for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Traditionally, the year’s biggest revenue bonanzas, stores will start sales early this year with a “pull forward” strategy to grasp better market share. Text shoppers to alert them on noteworthy details.

5. Engage E-Commerce Opportunities

Mobile commerce has continued to grow during the pandemic. Keep customers engaged, interested, and informed with SMS text messaging campaigns highlighting your e-commerce opportunities. 

6. Smart Work Solutions

Propel business forward, nurture customer funnels, and make spirits bright with effective marketing plans and SMS strategies. Drip Campaigns are especially popular.

7. See More Sales with a smile

Hooray! It’s time for pumpkin spice and everything nice — and this includes a festive, energetic marketing voice. Sure, 2020’s been a bag stuffed with some coal, but if the year has taught businesses and consumers anything, it’s to focus on what’s important and find joy wherever we can. Leverage the power of positivity in your multi-channel campaigns to see positive growth.

8. Upgrade Your Business Landline and Never Miss a Text Again

Amplify engagement and functionality with 1-on-1 Chats on Text-to-Landline numbers so that you never miss a lead or a chance to speak with customers or your staff. We’re pretty sure this is how Santa communicates with the elves these days over at his Workshop. There’s a lot of toys to bring to kids all over the globe… so it only makes sense he’d connect as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.


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