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January 12, 2022
David Kovacs
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As a successful retailer, you teach your team the most effective techniques to drive sales. But did you know you can also apply those same sales tips to your SMS marketing program? Here are 10 effective retail sales techniques that you can easily integrate into your SMS marketing campaigns.

Retail Sales Tips & Techniques

Each of the following SMS marketing tips and techniques can be combined with SMS messaging to create the highly targeted and effective retail selling strategies. Decide which tactics are a fit for your brand and make sense to implement. Then, track your campaign’s performance over time and adapt your messages accordingly.


Sample Message

1. Tell a Story

Perhaps your brand regularly shares stories that demonstrate your core values. Maybe you have a product that embodies those values. To tell either story in text messaging, just package those elements together in a simple retail MMS message that gently reminds your customer that: 1) they care about the same things you do and; 2) hey, they can buy your product that exemplifies those values right here on their phone!


Sample Text Message

2. Cross-Selling, Up-Selling & Other Sales Techniques

Your best salespeople know how to determine a customer’s specific purchase interest. They also are adept at accessorizing that sale with other products or leveling up the customer to a more relevant purchase.

In SMS, you can mirror these insights in your text message platform by using custom fields and segments to send personalized retail messages to different customers based on their purchase history and then cross- and up-selling to relevant associated products and services. Your customer will be delighted because you're not wasting their time with irrelevant promotions and you are showing them something relevant to their previous interests that they actually may want to buy.

3. Active Listening

If you’ve mastered active listening in your sales process, your customer feels heard, respected, and valued by your business. This means your business can spend more time selling to a qualified customer that is happy to hear from you.

To do that successfully with text messaging, you really need to walk the walk of valuing your customer as an individual by strictly following SMS best practices and showing (vs. telling) that you truly put your customers first.

SMS Best Practices

  • Get permission first before sending messages.
  • Spell out what you'll be sending going forward.
  • Send ONLY relevant texts.
  • Send the "right" amount of texts. (May vary by company.)
  • Follow the rules and provide legal disclaimers.
  • Let opt ins leave when they want by providing clear opt-out info


Sample Message

4. Be Personable

SMS is highly personal. Now that your customers have given you permission to speak with them, reward that trust with valuable content that shows you understand their unique needs. We all know FOMO is real. So talk about it. Have they expressed interest in a specific product? Use the opportunity to show them a relevant promotion or MMS image to let them know when that product is back in stock. If they haven’t zeroed in on something of interest yet, point them to top-of-the-funnel content pages on your brand website to be helpful.

Sample Message

5. Instill a Sense of Scarcity/Urgency for Promotions

Time-based text messages are the most effective way to create a sense of urgency. Time-based promotions, limited-stock offers, and seasonal specials are all effective message strategies. Remember, simple and specific messages that are easy to understand convert best.



Sample Message

6. Know Your Audience

You can learn your customers’ product interests by cross-marketing from and to other channels to provide additional resources in their search. Try pointing them to follow your existing social channels to obtain demographic data that will give you more insight into their interests.


Sample Message

7. Practice "Clienteling" (Developing a Relationship with Your Customers via SMS)

“Clienteling” is creating a long-term relationship with your customer by understanding their interests and behaviors. A terrific way to do this is to notify previous customers of upcoming opportunities that are both relevant and valuable. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be promoting a product. To streamline your effort, segment your audiences by LCV so you can measure your efforts.

Sample Message

8. Do Not Push Sales

We all know when we’re being sold. It’s no different in a texting campaign. Great salespeople always speak to the benefits of their product or service and then, only at the right time, offer an incentive to close the deal. You can mirror this process in SMS to gently move your customer along the buying journey.

Sample Message

9. Add a Hook/Provide a Little Mystery

We all love a surprise. More importantly, delighting customers by doing something unexpected makes your business and your brand memorable. Have some extra inventory from last summer you can’t move? Target your more valuable customers with a surprise offer.


Sample Message

10. Use MMS to Provide Promotional Imagery - Spice It Up a Little

Pictures tell a story but great pictures close sales. Don’t underestimate the power of a great image to sway your customer to click through. Pro tip: Work with your vendors to secure high-quality images for your MMS messages or repurpose UGC that you’ve been given permission to repurpose.

Ready to Explore Retail SMS Marketing with EZ Texting?

Remember, as you explore which SMS sales techniques work for business, let your customers be your guide. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about how they feel about getting different types of text messages from your business. It simply demonstrates what you already know — your customer is the most important part of your business.

Ready to explore SMS for your retail business? Here are some great resources on using text marketing for retail and eCommerce.


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