62 Reviews of the Best Bulk Messaging Service for Retail

Best Bulk Messaging Service for Retail
62 Reviews of the Best Bulk Messaging Service for Retail

What does it take to be the best bulk messaging service for retail companies?

It takes a commitment to exceptional customer service, 10 years of experience helping over 210,000 companies grow with text marketing, a ridiculously easy software to use, features that enable a host of campaign types, and a price which makes a positive ROI a breeze.

We've done all of that and that's why we're the industry-leading mass text messaging platform for retail. But you might not believe us. Every company would say they're the best, right?

That's why we're going to let someone else do the talking for us.

In this post, we're going to share 62 real customer reviews from companies who are getting massive value from EZ Texting.

best bulk messaging service

The Best Bulk Messaging Service for Retail: 62 Customer Reviews

We've collected reviews of our platform from 3rd-party sites like G2 Crowd, Business.com, and Capterra and organized them by topic: ease of use, customer support, features, value, and free trial.

1. Ease-of-Use Reviews

The best bulk messaging service for retail companies must be easy to use. As a retailer, you have a lot going on and learning a complicated, confusing software to send something as simple as a text message shouldn't be one of them. That's one of the reasons we've spent the past decade making our service as intuitive as possible.

This software is so very easy to use - for any level of marketing experience. Anyone trying to reach a mass amount of customers with one simple message should really consider texting software and EZ Texting is the best out there, hands down! - Kelly M.

This software has made it so easy to send out marketing texts. - Deb T.

I was able to train my Office manager on the functions in 20 minutes and she did not have any previous experience with texting software or JPEG conversion. - Justina B.

EZ Texting allows us to put together and send out text message in a few minutes. Very straight-forward and intuitive interface. Aaron W.

It is fast with minimal loading times. The layout is easy. Without any experience and little instruction, my company was using this software to send out scheduled follow-up text messages without any issues. - Spencer P.

I can do everything on my own without having to have someone else manage or handle. - Zach P.

The tools and resources provided by this text message marketing service are easy to find and easy to use. - Business.com Staff Review

Very straight-forward and intuitive interface. - Aaron W.

Easy to navigate. Need little to no customer service. - Willie W.

Extremely easy to use, efficient, excellent tool for communication with clients! - Steven H.

Super easy to use and my staff loves it. - Michelle H.

Easy to use. Easy to add contacts and segment them into different groups. - Brittney O.

It is really simple. I really like that the application is very easy to use and provides enough information to start your campaigns. It's really simple and when I integrate it with my company's software, I can automate the sms quickly and efficiently. - Valerio P.

I love how simple and easy this product is to use! A lot of my clients and partners work have used this software. It makes it simple to send out mass texts for reminders. Love it! - Verified Reviewer via LinkedIn

EZ Texting is as the name suggests; easy to use. - Michael S.

Very user-friendly! It was easy to set-up, add phone numbers and send messages. - Erin D.

The interface is very easy to understand, and our office manager was able to get up to speed real quick. Never gives me any headaches. - Robert E.

So simple I didn't even need any guidance. - Shade S.

If you are afraid it is hard to operate, it isn't. - Julia B.

2. Customer Service Reviews

If you're new to text message marketing, you'll undoubtedly have questions as you begin your journey. We understand that when you succeed, we succeed, so we've invested heavily into a team of experts who can successfully point you towards text message marketing success.

When I signed in, my first time, the AE had listened closely enough to have the different "groups" I'd be texting already preloaded in my "New Contact" template. She made things so easy. - Stan M.

We had a question about sending a test of the text, and customer service replied quickly - they were helpful. - Jenny T.

The one time I had to contact customer support was due to some glitch and they were very helpful. - Freddy S.

I found EZ texting via Instagram, and went to the site where I typed questions into the instant message feature. Kaitlyn quickly responded and set up a demo for EZ Texting's platform. Kaitlyn was an outstanding rep of the company. The product is exactly what our company needs and I'm excited to do business with EX texting a large part due to Kaitlyn's positive personality and extensive knowledge of the platform. - Iman Y.

Customer support is ready to answer questions. - Dalia C.

There is a tiny learning curve but customer support is always there to help you and the live chat feature is great! - Paul B.

Customer service always helps out and it's awesome! - Verified Reviewer via LinkedIn.

When I stumbled getting set up they were right there to help with phone support. - Cary D.

Amazing customer service. My one question was answered promptly by the online chat associate who was friendly and knowledgeable. - Samantha C.

I actually made a mistake while importing my first round of contacts and I contacted EX Texting via chat. They immediately helped me out and even gave me a credit to help fix my issue! I was very glad not to have to wait on the phone for support. - Erin D.

I liked how the staff checked in with me multiple times to make sure I was on the right plan and that I knew how to use the system. - Shade S.

They were very patient with me as I tried to determine what would work best for my business and assured me I would get the same customer service no matter what level. - Julia B.

Their customer service has been top notch. Honestly one of the most responsive teams I've worked with across a lot of industries. - Scott C.

I felt the customer service was exceptional and Archey went above and beyond in helping me feel capable in sending out "nudge" texts. - Kimberly B.

3. Features Reviews

The best bulk messaging service will offer the features and tools which make text marketing fast and effective. With everything from payment reminders to reports to polls to drip campaigns, EZ Texting customers have the technological power to move to the front of the market and deliver exceptional experiences.

From a features standpoint, EZ Texting performs quite well. It contains all of the necessary features to jump-start a mobile marketing campaign and present it in a simple and intuitive form ... EZ Texting does offer keyword reporting, a report few other services on the lineup offer. Keyword reports help you find the most popular keywords to draw customers in. - Business.com Staff Review

I've also been able to use it for contests and to gauge opinions of several people at once instead of individually messaging them. - Freddy S.

Sending out reminders and information quick is exactly what we want and are happy with! - Maria J.

EZ Texting allows us to have an opt-in feature that is completely automated so we don't have to babysit it, or manually enter people into the group to receive messages. - Aaron W.

Very detailed ability to integrate with other functions or simple, basic setup. Beta "Chat" feature I really enjoy, and so do clients. - Steven H.

We love the multiple features that EZ Texting has to get a SMS marketing campaign going. The drip messages and auto scheduler has really been the best part. Program in a few messages, set the times and sit back. - Paul B.

The best thing is that through EZ Texting you can receive answers to the sms you send, these answers can be integrated via APIs with other softwares of your organization. This is vital in order to generate more functional apps that generate a better response with your customers. - Valerio P.

The fact that I can customize it easily is a huge plus so I'm not using something I don't need. - Carola P.

Our appointment no-show/cancellation rate was really high. We cater to customers across the country, and sometimes when we called from our state line. People wouldn't answer. Now we can bombard them with text about their appointments lol but at the same time interact with them. The benefit was lower appointment cancellation. - Robert E.

Love their ability to plug into our landline phone number so customers get used to texting/calling that number. - Scott C.

I like that EZ texting has grown with me. I started out using EZ texting for just a small number of people. Now that we have grown to over 600 people using this service. I am thankful that this service has grown with me. - Joshua G.

Helps our appointment sticking ratios and reduces no-show appointments. There is nothing more frustrating than an appointment that "forgets" they had something scheduled. - Cody M.

NOTE: For more retail text marketing campaign ideas, check out our free resource The EZ Texting Playbook for Retail Text Message Marketing.

4. Value Reviews

For retailers, the best bulk messaging service will yield a positive ROI. We've been able to grow our own company to over 50,000 customers over the last 10 years because we offer outstanding value for your investment.

Lowest cost compared to all the other and they give the most. They actually work with some of the nation's largest brands as they are BY FAR the best for your money. I am a perfectionist and so this may surprise you.... but there is not one con. I would know after using 3 other next services and EZ Texting blows everyone else away. - Erik P.

The price of this product is worth every penny. - Deb T.

Very cost effective, and very quick replies as opposed to phone calls or email. - Steven H.

The price plans are very affordable to up on credits to send more texts. - Kimberly W.

Pricing plan is simple and low cost. - Paul H.

It can be basically "pay as you go," unlike other competitors. - Alain D.

Overall, I would have to highly recommend this - and the price point is great as well! You will definitely see ROI quickly with using this service. - Samantha C.

I'm also a big fan of not having to pay a monthly fee - I only have to pay for the credits I need when I use them. So helpful! - Susan G.

EZ Texting allows for easy, pay as you go plans to look like a big company even if you aren't. - John V.

The cost is so low and the set up and use is so easy, there is no reason not to try! - Gina R.

I love the features EZ Texting provides for the low price tag. You won't find anything with these features for a price that matches. Trust me, I've spent a lot of time looking. - Luke R.

Do not hesitate to buy this software it is worth it just in the way it saves time. - Jacqueline B.

Builds my marketing, decreases cost for phone personnel wages spent and increases my customer return rate. - Fred E. C.

5. Free Trial Reviews

Getting started in text message marketing can seem like a daunting task, but testing a mass messaging service shouldn't be. Our free trial sign-up is super-simple and you receive plenty of credits to get moving with text marketing.

I like the most that this software is free to use. Your company gets a certain number of text messages per month it can use for free before having to update to a paid version. - Spencer P.

I really like that it is free to use as long as you have under 50 contacts and send less than 5 times a month to those contacts. - Shelley H.

If you're a smaller business or just getting started like I was, the free account is very generous. - Freddy S.

Take the Best Bulk Messaging Service for a Spin

As you can see, retailers love our text message marketing service. But don't just take their word for it. Try it out for yourself.

Our sign-up tour will show you how to send yourself a test text message and upload and segment your contacts in just a few minutes. And don't hesitate to contact our exceptional customer support team with questions as you begin text message marketing.

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