SMS Campaign Examples – Texting 101

SMS Campaign Examples – Texting 101

Are you looking for SMS business ideas to help you get started on your text marketing journey? We’ve got you covered. At EZ Texting we’ve help thousands of organizations get up and running with texting. We designed this “Texting 101” series to help you understand the basics of texting and get going with your initial text messaging sends. Here are of our most common SMS campaign examples, and how you can implement something similar:

1. SMS Keyword Campaign for List Growth

Sending SMS messages is a great way to promote your business. But before you start, you need a list of contacts who have given you permission to text them. The best way to get that permission is with a Keyword campaign to build your opted-in subscriber list. Using an online texting service like EZ Texting, you can reserve a Keyword such as “Subscribe” on a short code like 313131. Be sure to market your Keyword by putting it on store signage and on your website to make sure you get the sign ups you want.


SMS Campaign Examples - Keywords

2. SMS Promotion Campaign to Increase Sales

The next step is to send out a promotion campaign to your opted-in contacts! Think of an offer that will capture your audience’s interest – and has a clear action for them to take. To improve your chances of success, try dividing your contacts into groups based on their interests and create customized offers just for them. For example, if you have a list of vacation shoppers you could send them a text that spurs them to book, "Last minute deals available now at the EZ Beach resort! Book now:"

SMS Campaign Examples - Promotions

3. SMS Reminder Campaign for Efficiency

If your business relies on customers making and keeping appointments, setting up automated text reminders can be a huge time saver – and also cut down on no-shows. EZ Texting makes it easy, and saves your team from long hours on the phone confirming appointments.


SMS Campaign Examples - Reminder

4. SMS Notification Campaign to Reach Your Audience

Need to get the word out about an upcoming event or opportunity? EZ Texting makes it super simple. Log in to your account, pick your recipients, type your message, and hit send or schedule it for later. Our service lets you text thousands of contacts in a matter of minutes.


SMs Campaign Examples - Notifications

You’ve Got SMS Campaign Examples – Now Try One!

If you’ve considered online texting for your organization but need a little help getting started, EZ Texting Customer Support Managers are ready to assist. We’ve helped countless organizations send successful SMS campaigns. Give us a call at (800) 753-5732 or check out our pricing plans now.


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