How SMS for Colleges Is Streamlining Communications and Operations in 2021

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May 20, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Ah, college life: full of exciting adventures, choosing a major, living away from home... and questions. So, so many questions.

With two-way messaging, EZ Texting provides colleges and universities with the texting solutions they need to fully address and field inquiries regarding enrollment, financial aid, class registration, dropped classes, and more.

A college text communications system delivers high engagement on a favored communication channel. With text messaging’s 98% open rates — often read within minutes of receipt — colleges and higher education schools can respond to questions in real time. Use powerful 1-on-1 Chat messaging to make it even easier to connect.


Quickly Respond to Inquiries for Enrollment with 1-on-1 Chat

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Navigating the enrollment process isn’t easy. There will absolutely be questions — between figuring out applications to understanding course requirements to getting into required classes that are already full.

Counsel students easily with quick 1-on-1 Chat text messaging that gives them the info they need, when they need it: immediately and in real-time.


Answer Financial Aid Questions Immediately with 1-on-1 Chat

Time is money. So when it comes to financial aid questions, the sooner you can respond — the better. Deadlines loom and they loom large. Students risk their entire college education if they miss an important date.

To turn in paperwork and information in a timely fashion, students need to fully understand forms and how to turn in applications.

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Naturally, questions will arise. Respond swiftly via 1-on-1 Chat messaging. Students can text the financial aid office in between classes or from the coffee shop. There’s no need to trade phone calls with administrators, plan an office visit, or miss out on emails that get lost in a large inbox or end up in a spam folder.

SMS for universities streamlines the system expertly and gets students the info they need when they need it — quickly!


Help Students Deal with Dropped Classes Quickly via 1-on-1 Chat

Coursework can be confusing enough — don’t magnify it by adding to the struggle when it comes time for students to drop a class.

Perhaps a class doesn’t suit their needs or their schedule. It may be that the student wishes to drop one class and replace it with another. No matter the reason, timing is of the essence, and students and administrators alike will appreciate having a college SMS system in place to address these concerns efficiently. The earlier a dropped class can be managed, the better for everyone.

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With text messaging for universities, students can skip long waits at the Registrar’s Office. They also don’t need to worry about whether or not the office is open… or if a sudden snowstorm or heavy rain may suddenly make a necessary office visit more difficult. Advisors and professors may also need to sign off on forms in advance. Texting can streamline this process.

Students can ask questions and get responses effortlessly via two-way messaging. The school can also send out Reminder Campaigns to help keep students on track, which may then inspire students to use the 2 way messaging system.

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