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SMS Marketing for Beauty Salons

Text Marketing for Salons
SMS Marketing for Beauty Salons

The decision to utilize SMS for your beauty salon is one you will pat yourself on the back about for a long while. SMS is a great way to pull ahead of the competition, plenty of which exists in the beauty industry. If you have yet to make a decision regarding SMS marketing for your beauty destination, let the following sink in. 

Very Cost-Effective

SMS is a fantastically cost-effective marketing option. Whatever your beauty salon budget, it is possible to take full advantage of SMS. Most texting platforms offer their services for literal pennies per sent text, with monthly payment options for high-volume programs also available. The cost to receive texts is also low.

High Open Rate

Text messages have extremely high open rates, unlike emails and even social media messages. SMS features an open rate of 100%, while email has an open rate of 17%. If you decide to use SMS to promote your salon, you can relax knowing the vast majority of your recipients will open messages right away. 

Excellent Engagement Rate

SMS marketing offers a fantastic engagement rate—eight times the engagement rate of email. What does this mean? It means that the chance of those reading your texts actually taking action is high. Text messages enjoy high engagement and conversion rates, allowing you to market to a smaller audience but still see the same number of leads turning into sales. You can also see a much bigger increase in business when you decide it’s time to market to a larger audience. 

No-Show Reduction

Text messaging significantly reduces the number of no-shows, as it functions as the ultimate appointment reminder. Forget losing revenue because your clients forgot about their hair appointments or facials. Texting is a fabulous appointment reminder due to the aforementioned high read rate. Send texts a day or two before appointments and breathe easier knowing they will be read. 

Optimal Versatility

SMS is a highly versatile way to market your beauty salon. Use it to send your best beauty tips and tricks, ask for customer feedback, provide subscribers with deals and discounts, and offer a call-to-action to your existing client list. Texting provides an easy way to ensure you are providing your best service possible, gain the repeat business and recommendations you crave, and provide your subscribers with valuable information about or related to your business. It’s a win-win-win-win, yes? 

Competitive Advantage

Yet another benefit of text messaging is it allows you to compete with the beauty salons around you. Compete with larger, better-known brands without issue, as texting doesn’t require designing expensive graphics and as previously mentioned is ridiculously cheap. Show customers why your salon is just as good if not better than bigger names without breaking a sweat...what’s not to love about that? 

Take advantage of the excellent benefits SMS marketing for beauty salons will be delighted at the results, which put your business where it belongs: in the forefront of your customers’ minds. 

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