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Text Customers the Way You Would Text Your Friends!

Text Customers the Way You Would Text Your Friends!

EZ Chat is a new product from EZ Texting that enables business owners to communicate with their contacts through more personalized one-on-one text messages. Texts are kept in threaded conversations in the EZ Chat dashboard.

How can you make it work for you?

Build a team of customer service rock stars

“Please stay on the line, the next available customer agent will be available in…28 minutes.” Everyone’s nightmare, right? We’ve all feared calling customer support for this reason, among others. It’s easy to see why 52% of people said they’d prefer to text with customer support rather than call them.

Switching from calls to text provides benefits for both customers and companies. When customers are stuck on support calls, they lose their free time. Also, because reps often must adhere to company goals, they’re motivated to come up with a quick solution, even if it’s not the best one.

EZ Chat allows customers to text in their issues, which frees reps from the usual call center challenges. Customers can text in their problems while keeping their free time, and reps can provide more thorough support.

Strategically target customers

If you’re a restaurant, you may want to reach out to popular food and lifestyle bloggers with special information, such as inviting them to write about a new dish. For your regulars and casual customers, you can target them with more traditional messaging, like promotions or discounts.

EZ Chat helps you reach out to contacts individually and works on the standard 10-digit business line you likely already have. You can also purchase one from us. Setup takes just a few seconds, and EZ Chat can lead to a smoother experience for customers and businesses alike.

About Daniel:

Daniel graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Media Arts and a Communications minor. He also graduated from California State University of Fullerton with an M.A. in Communications.

When not being a tech evangelist, Dan enjoys an active lifestyle that includes the beach, tennis, swimming, weights, and stand-up paddle boarding. He’s also is a grill master who ensures everything has the right amount of char on it. An avid LA sports fan, Dan used part of his wedding speech to talk about the Dodgers’ and Lakers’ soul-crushing playoff losses.

5 Ways to Promote Your Special Holiday Menus

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5 Ways to Promote Your Special Holiday Menus

While the holiday season is a busy time of year for retailers, it can be a quiet time for restaurants. Consumers are spending their money on gifts, and not necessarily on evenings out with loved ones. Luckily, there are many things restaurant marketers can do to boost business. One of the most popular is developing exclusive holiday menus to attract hungry guests. How do you spread the word about your holiday specials in the most effective way possible? 

1. Create a Social Media Account for Your Food 

Your food is delightful, and it has personality. Why not give it a social media account of its own? 

Whether you're using Facebook or a more photo-specific platform such as Instagram, giving your food a venue where it can shine will attract more visitors to your restaurant for your mouth-watering holiday menus. Add a tidbit of information to your professional photos of dishes. This could be information about the chef or a detail about a unique quality of the meal. 

Consider adding photos to Pinterest and Snapchat as well. Pinterest photos can highlight the "how to" of the food experience, giving a bit of information about how the food is made. Snapchat can tantalize with a photo, then invite people to connect to a deal.

Make sure that your photos are professional and high-quality. Use natural light, make sure that the food looks fresh, and choose the right background: "the choice of tablecloth/surface, plate and cutlery all subtly contribute to the mood and success of your shot," according to BBC Good Food.


Holiday Guide 2019

2. Share on Social Media 

Sharing information with your readers is just one part of connecting on social media. You can also invite your followers to share with you. Reminisce about your favorite holiday meals and ask readers to do the same. Ask them to take photos of their favorite dishes or send a story that you highlight. Build a community around food, and share your food stories and photos as well. 

Diversify the focus on Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving by sharing memories of niche holidays as well. Quoted in Fit Small Business, Mike Catania says that "we’ve learned we have better success by focusing on the niche holidays." For example, did you know that December 16th is Chocolate Covered Anything day? Invite your guests to partake in a chocolate-covered treat.

3. Offer Perks to Those Who Sign Up 

Who doesn't enjoy free chocolate? 

Giving your customers perks will help them connect to your business again and again. Perks are especially helpful during the holiday season when stressed-out shoppers relish a treat for themselves or enjoy receiving something that they can pass on to others. Offer a discount on a holiday meal; for example, if they order a certain number of servings for pick up, you'll give them a discount or a dessert for free. Use this strategy to add people to your mailing list, social media, and text message marketing accounts as well. In exchange for signing up, you can offer your guests a discount or a free gift.

4. Promote Your Specials With Text Message Marketing 

What's the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with your prospective guests? It's not via social marketing or email: while most people have phones, not everyone has a smartphone. It's text message marketing. With a simple text message, you can prompt your guests to visit you. Send them a discount code, remind them about your upcoming holiday special, or offer them a free gift if they come to visit in the next few days.

Are you ready to promote your business online? With text message marketing, you can reach your audience easily and quickly. EZ Texting can help you set up your first text message marketing campaign. Sign up for free today.


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The 4 Habits of Top Performing Business Owners

The 4 Habits of Top Performing Business Owners

Do you want to be a top performing business owner? Of course you do, but it's not as simple as signing on the dotted line. Top performers build habits that allow them to reach to peak of their profession. What habits build the foundation for this high performance?

1. Top Performers Understand Their Business Mission and Values 

Before you perform, you need to know why you're performing. This not only gives you a feeling of purpose: it helps you align your actions so that everything you do is focused on achieving specific goals or living certain values. For example, if you run a high-end consignment store, your mission could be to be the top destination for those looking for diverse and quality consignment brands in your area. Your value could be to provide an environmentally-friendly and financially accessible quality clothing choice for your customers. Developing your mission and values helps you create a strong brand and hire employees who are a strong cultural fit.

2. Top Performers Focus on Process

While you might be focused on the bottom line, you actually need to be focused on the processes that will get you there. These business processes prevent you from putting your nose to the grindstone and getting to work. They force you to look up, assess, reflect, and make decisions based on a deeper understanding of what your business needs, now and in the future. Processes you need to focus on include: 

  • Direction setting. According to Panorama Consulting, "Stakeholders must identify strategic business goals that will set tactical direction." 
  • Creating a roadmap 
  • Hiring 
  • Training 
  • Innovation 
  • Data collection 
  • Employee assessment 
  • Evaluation

3. Top Performers Know How to Connect With Customers 

The best-performing businesses know that a business is nothing without its customers. They strive to connect with customers in many different ways, including: 

  • Social media updates on a variety of platforms, considering what platforms your customers often use 
  • Creating website content to build an ongoing relationship with your customers 
  • Value-added content such as videos, webinars, and ebooks 
  • SMS messaging to connect with customers to give them targeted, personalized information and special offers 
  • Polls and votes to have your customers choose what they value or want to see at your business

SMS messaging

4. Top Performers Collect Data and Reflect Upon It 

Your business makes sales, hires new employees, and buys products. Successful business owners track and assess all of these metrics, using this data to make future decisions. For example, a business owner who's trying to sell a new service might log employee hours spent on marketing and providing that service and assess the service's return on investment, overall success, and future pricing. As you choose methods of tracking and communication in your workplace, consider options such as SMS messaging that allow you to easily track customer interactions and collect the data your business needs.

Your business relies on effective communication. Whether you're talking with your employees or communicating with customers, you need to be able to connect effectively and immediately. With EZ Texting, you can. Our SMS messaging campaigns allow you to get in touch with your customers easily and quickly. Sign up for free today.

How to Boost Retail Customer Engagement

How to Use Text Marketing for Retail Customer Engagement
How to Boost Retail Customer Engagement

How can you get more customers to visit your store? That's the million dollar question for retailers, and if you don't answer it, you face the danger of being unsuccessful. If you're looking for ways to boost customer engagement, there are a number of approaches you can take. Here are six ways to invite your customers to engage with your online presence. 

1. Generate Valuable Content 

While your store is bricks-and-mortar, your information doesn't need to exist in the form of paper handouts. Your retail customers enjoy and expect you to have a rich website full of information. For example, if you want your customers to try out your products, make sure that you have a strong FAQ section focused on their questions and needs. According to My Total Retail, "Your online presence needs to be about much more than the products you sell. A website or mobile site should be an educational resource for consumers, offering unique photos, videos, tools, blog posts, reviews and more." 

2. Host a Giveaway 

Everyone likes to get something for free. If you'd like to boost customer engagement, host a giveaway. You could do this in the store, or you could accept online applicants as well. Consider promoting your giveaway through text message marketing, since these messages are opened in an average of three minutes from their receipt. 

3. Use Text Messages to Interact on the Go 

While many people have cell phones, not all of these phones are smartphones. Be smarter than your customers' phones by using simple text messages to interact with your customers when they're away from their computer. For example, you could remind them of a sale that's ending soon, or you could send your customers a customized message designed for a specific audience that's interested in a product on sale. For instance, if you run a toy store, encourage your customers with preschoolers to come in for a sale on preschool-oriented toys by sending text message marketing to this specific audience segment. 

4. Encourage Customers to Give You Feedback 

Talking with your customers is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your customers. Only your customers can tell you about their questions, their favorite products, and where they hope that you'll go next. Encourage them to share their feedback with you by asking for it directly either in person, or via text message or digital channels. 

Text message marketing

5. Contact Your Best Customers 

If you'd like to truly connect with your customers, begin with your strengths. Reward your best customers with a loyalty program, a free gift, or a thank you present for a referral. Engage with them via email or through text messages. 

6. Engage on Social Media 

When you want to increase customer engagement, turn your social media presence from an advertising venue into a place where your customers can share. For example, if you sell custom t-shirts, post a contest asking customers to pose in their favorite t-shirt that they have designed. This allows them to promote themselves, have fun, and connect other people to your business as well. 

Do you want to boost your customer engagement at your retail store? Connect with your customers using EZ Texting. We'll help you make communication simple. Sign up for free today.

5 Holiday Marketing Tips for Fitness Businesses

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5 Holiday Marketing Tips for Fitness Businesses

For fitness businesses, the holiday season represents the potential for increased sales, customer engagement, and an influx of clients ready to accomplish their New Year's fitness resolutions. Though achieving these goals will require a little planning. An active and profitable holiday season starts with a wise marketing strategy that targets gift givers and potential clients. Below are five effective marketing strategies to help your fitness business boost holiday promotions, attract new clientele and get ready for a more profitable New Year. 

1. Engage in Cross-Promotion

What types of companies and products would your customers be interested in? People who buy fitness services may also like vitamins and supplements, massage therapy, health food stores, fitness apparel, and more related products. Contact nearby companies that sell these services and products and set up cross-promotion partnerships. 

2. Encourage Gift Giving

It’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to attract new people to your brand. Your customers will be more willing to buy from you because they are already acquainted with the value you provide. Offer your existing loyal customers special discounts if they purchase products or memberships as gifts. Tell instructors to mention the discounts at the end of classes and put up signage as well to encourage purchases.

3. Get in the Holiday Spirit

Text marketing

People love the holiday season. Join in the festivities with your customers as they interact with your business. Get into the spirit by adding holiday theme décor to your establishment. To increase engagement, infuse this holiday spirit into your marketing materials through ads, fliers, social media, or blog posts.

4. Gift Cards

Forty-two percent of consumers said they would like to receive a gift card as a holiday gift. And gift givers like gift cards because they are easy to buy and they make great last-minute gifts. Display gift cards on your counters and where your customers can see them. Advertise them in your email newsletters and on your website as well. If possible, make an electronic version available for online shoppers.

5. Text Marketing

Text marketing

The holidays are filled with promotions galore, but if your customers don’t get notified that they exist, you will have wasted money and resources creating them. Email is a valuable marketing communication tool, but only 17% of emails get opened, leaving the majority of your customers unaware of your promotions. You can post on social media, but with current social algorithms, Facebook organic posts only receive 2-6% reach

What if there were a way to get 98% of your customers to see your messages? There is, and the strategy is called text marketing. Text marketing is a powerful communication medium, especially during the holiday season when notifying your customers about your promotions is critical to getting sales and outperforming competitors who are also vying for your customers’ attention.

Use text messaging to stay in touch with customers and share special promotions right through the holidays. Send texts simultaneously and get even more exposure for your promotions. EZ Texting’s cost-effective services give fitness businesses the tools they need to maximize holiday promotions and increase profits. If you would like to try text marketing to increase sales and engagement this holiday season, get started by signing up for a free account here.

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The EZ Guide to Getting Your Piece of the Holiday Pie

Text Marketing Strategies for the Holidays
The EZ Guide to Getting Your Piece of the Holiday Pie

While holiday enthusiasts are stuffing themselves with pumpkin and pecan pie, businesses are vying for a piece of the figurative holiday pie—the chance to cash in on the holiday gift-buying frenzy and round out their year with better-than-average sales numbers.

The National Retail Federation recently released a report suggesting that holiday retail sales for November and December 2019 will see a healthy rise of 3.8% and 4.2% respectively over the same months in 2018 to a total of between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion.

Read on to discover how your business can get a bigger piece of the holiday pie.

A Deeper Look at Holiday Spending

If you want to optimize your holiday marketing strategy, evaluate your consumers’ behavior and holiday spending habits. To uncover this information, let’s take a look at three important components of consumer holiday shopping behavior: When, What, and How. 

1. When

Years ago, the day after Thanksgiving represented the first day of holiday gift-buying and Black Friday was the “unofficial” launch to the season. Today, consumers are starting earlier, some as early as the summer months. In fact, the term “Christmas in July” has become a staple in some households, and businesses are also using it to sell off their holiday merchandise early or re-sell last year’s merchandise.

In fact, nearly half of small business shoppers start their gift buying before November 1. Once the trick-or-treat bags, ghosts, and goblins retire to the basement the gift-buying begins. Don’t wait until the turkey gobbles to begin promoting your products and services. Plan to promote as early as November first so that you can capture those excited first-in-line shoppers.

2. What

When small business shoppers were asked which factors compel them to shop at a particular store, they indicated that quality, selection, and free shipping were the top three factors. Also, people who shop at small businesses plan to spend $300 more than shoppers who typically flock to big box retailers.

Consumers love small businesses, and they prefer quality and a diverse selection rather than the same brands the big box stores carry. Take advantage and focus your marketing on the quality of your goods, your unique selection, and your expertise.

Also, take advantage of Small Business Saturday over the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday was started by American Express in 2010, and it celebrates small businesses, encouraging consumers to “shop small.” In 2018 spending Small Business Saturday topped $17.8 billion.

To get a piece of the Small Business Saturday pie, start now and create a marketing strategy to encourage your customers to come out and support you. Partner with other local small businesses in your area to advertise products in your stores. For example, if you run an athletic store and there is a fitness club nearby, advertise the club in your store. In exchange, the fitness club can sell or advertise your products.

Holiday Retail Sales Guide

3. How

We discussed what consumers want and when they will start shopping—but how you develop a marketing strategy that will get your products noticed and make your brand attractive enough to boost holiday sales is a little more complicated. In the next section, we will discuss some best practices and clever marketing strategies you can implement right now to prepare your business to generate more revenue this holiday season.

Start Early and Plan

Hopefully your inventory is fully stocked in preparation for the holiday season. The next step is to work on your marketing campaign by outlining exactly what your campaign will look like and what resources you will need to execute.

Here are some questions to answer as you are mapping out your plan:

  • Which strategies will we implement and why?
  • What type of content do we need?
  • Do we need to do any preliminary strategy testing?
  • Are we clear on our target audience?
  • Do we have enough resources to execute these strategies?
  • Do we need to contact influencers to help spread our message?

Create a calendar and timeline to organize when and how you will carry out the tasks. Use programs like Trello, Basecamp or Teamwork to create tasks and deadlines, and assign them to key people. Also, schedule follow-up meetings, and assign action items to keep everyone accountable.

Tip: Sometimes campaigns don’t work out the way you expect. Have a backup option in place if a campaign doesn’t generate positive results. Assemble 1-2 lower priority campaigns you can implement should any falter. 

Split Test

Don’t expect your off-season ads to perform as well during the holiday season. Consumers are in a different mindset, and they may respond to different messaging. Plan your ad campaigns early, and consider testing now, so you are ready when the holiday season hits its prime. If you don’t prepare now, you will be trying to figure out what works—at the exact time when you should be posting your best ads to get maximum exposure. 

To optimize your holiday ad campaign and get prepared, create new ads weeks in advance and A/B test them to determine what performs the best. (Just in case, we've got a quick refresher on how to conduct A/B testing.)

Continue testing until you discover some high-performers you can use during the height of the holiday season. By preparing and testing early, you can maximize conversions and sales.

Tip: Now is a good time to revisit your target audience and look for new opportunities with your holiday ads. Use tools like Facebook’s Audience Insights to refresh your target audience and their purchase behavior. Notice any opportunities for segmenting your audience so you can tightly focus each ad campaign. Think about factors like lifestyle, interests, or any other aspect that will allow you to personalize an ad to increase conversions.

Customer Service 

Your customer service inquiries will heat up this holiday season, and without a plan in place, the department could suffer and ultimately damage your relationship with some customers. Prepare your team to provide the highest level of service to customers with these tips on how to thrive and not just survive the holiday season.

  • Review Trends – What was your call volume last year during the holidays? How many additional customers visited your store? Review your past trends, so you have a better idea of what additional resources you need this year. If you were unprepared and understaffed last year, hire additional help this year. If you experienced any issues, address them early so they will not happen again.
  • Train Your Team – Prepare your agents on how to deal with high volume. Holiday shoppers are typically more anxious and aggravated, so support should be ready to respond immediately and empathize and communicate in a gentle tone to relax the customer.
  • Inspire – Inspire your support team to do their best work, and reward them with incentives for top performance. Your agents will be fielding a higher volume of chaotic calls, and your appreciation and understanding will inspire them to do a good job.  

Text Marketing

Every customer you reach with your holiday promotions can lead to another sale for your business. So it’s vital to capitalize on the high volume of the holiday season and reach as many people as possible with your sales and promotions. One of the quickest and most effective ways to accomplish this successfully is via text marketing.

Most people do not leave their homes without their cell phones, and 95% of Americans own one. Take advantage of the cell phone obsession and target people where they spend most of their time—on their phones. Text messages rarely go unopened as well, with texts boasting a 98% open rate.

Impulse buying will be at an all-time high this season, so to take full advantage of text marketing, focus your texts on quick sales and time-sensitive promotions. Use text marketing to also send promotion expiration reminders or other related holiday notifications. 

To get people on your texting list, start promoting it now in your emails, social posts, and in-store signage. In your communication, stress the benefits of signing up now to receive exclusive holiday discounts reserved solely for your audience.


Consumers are ready for the season with wallets open and credit cards in hand. Are you ready to supply their demand? There is plenty of holiday pie to go around; you just need to implement the right strategies to get your piece. Take enough time to plan out your campaigns and use some of the strategies we outlined here, and you will not only be eating a piece of the holiday pie, but also devouring a feast of sales and revenue.

Want to try text marketing for your holiday marketing campaigns? EZ Texting is an industry leader in supplying small businesses with cost-effective technologies to increase sales and supercharge their marketing campaigns. Let us help you crush your sales this holiday season using text marketing. To get started right now, sign up for a free account here.

Holiday Retail Sales Guide

How to Increase Brand Awareness for Your Restaurant

How to Increase Brand Awareness for Your Restaurant

So you have the restaurant, the catchy name, the prize location, and the amazing food. Congratulations—you have created a recipe for success, and you are one step ahead of the game. But, to become profitable and maintain growth, you also need the most important ingredient to a successful restaurant—loyal customers.

If you need to get your name out there, build your customer base and generate some brand awareness, the process is not difficult, but focusing on the right strategies is key. Below we’ve outlined three vital strategies that can help you get your restaurant on the map.

Local search

You don’t need to compete with the Olive Gardens and Outbacks of the world to get some Google recognition. You simply need to target your local area and get found in your specific geographic location. This is much easier than targeting a global market; the competition is less fierce, and you can do it by following these tips below:

- Connect with local publications – Find local online outlets and get them to mention and link to you. Many will also have event calendars or restaurant lists or local “best of” lists that include links to local establishments. Getting a link in one of these publications could boost your local ranking. If you are having a difficult time getting a link, consider holding a special event and asking the publication to feature or write about it.

- Valuable location-specific content – Create educational content related to your industry and add location-specific keywords as well. One example would be a blog post on how to enjoy a night out on the town where your restaurant is located. The night would, of course, start with a visit to your restaurant and then list 3-4 other activities locals would find interesting. If there are any local keywords or abbreviations synonymous with your town, use those as well. For example, in Nashville TN, locals call the town “Smashville” which represents the home of the NHL hockey team, the Nashville Predators. You wouldn’t know these terms unless you lived in the town and Google knows this as well.

Get reviews

Text marketing

In a Nielsen online survey, 84% of respondents said word-of-mouth recommendations were the most influential and trustworthy source of product information when making purchase decisions. 

When people search for restaurants, they often seek advice from online review sites and personal recommendations from their friends and families. Review sites give your potential guests a chance to read unbiased information about your establishment, and this will guide them in their decision of whether or not to visit your restaurant. 

Google also loves positive feedback so get as much of it as you can. Ask your happy customers to review your restaurant on sites like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and popular local directories. Also, if you spot any negative reviews, reply to each individually and quickly, to show that you care about your customers.

To encourage participation, offer incentives for leaving feedback and add messages to your receipts and store signage. If your establishment is higher-end, consider emailing your guests and ensuring their experience was a good one while kindly asking them for a review.

SMS text messaging

Text marketing

Text marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to generate more awareness for your restaurant and get more business while maintaining a loyal customer base. With a 98% message open rate, text messaging is a powerful marketing strategy and one you can add as an adjunct to the strategies mentioned above. 

At pennies per message, text marketing is also less expensive than other marketing channels. And customers will receive your messages wherever they are as most people do not go anywhere without their cell phones. Advertise your SMS text campaign on your website, emails, and in-store. When people opt-in, periodically send them messages about specials, location information, notifications, events, coupons, and other promotions. The more aware they are of your brand, the greater the chance they will step foot in your doors and also share their experience with others.

Text marketing campaigns are easy to set up and run. With EZ Texting’s simple interface, you can log in from anywhere and from any device, create your message and hit “send.” And as an industry veteran, we have a long list of happy clients that have already realized how beneficial text marketing is to their profitability and growth. To get started with text marketing, simply sign up for a free trial. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!

Decoding Small Business Marketing's Alphabet Soup

Text marketing
Decoding Small Business Marketing's Alphabet Soup

Many small businesses use SMS (Short-Message-Service) to reach their customers directly. However, in the world of SMS marketing, it's easy to get lost in the 'alphabet soup' of associated acronyms. Which acronyms do you need to know to survive? Read on for a comprehensive guide.

What Is SMS Marketing?

It's short, it's sweet: it's the short message server, otherwise known as text messaging. When you're marketing through SMS, you're choosing one of the most effective ways to target and communicate with your customers. Customers look at text messages far more than they look at emails for a few key reasons:

  • Text messages are short
  • Straight to the point
  • Immediately relevant and accessible

These short messages can instantly transform your business marketing by creating a direct line of contact.

What Is PPC Advertising? 

PPC means 'Pay Per Click.' You pay an advertiser a certain amount of money each time someone clicks on your ad. You then use those ads to draw people to your website to make a purchase. or you can also collect names, text numbers, and email addresses and encourage people to visit your social media sites or blog in the future so that you can continue to engage them in a conversation about your products or issues in your field. 

What's a CPC? 

When you're marketing, you need to understand "the amount of money spent to get a digital advertisement clicked when running a PPC advertising campaign," according to Hubspot.

That's where the CPC gets involved.

This acronym stands for "Cost Per Click." It looks at the money you spend when a customer clicks on your ad. It's part of the ongoing cost of that type of advertising campaign. You spend money to get people to come to your website, and then you're focused on making the sale.

Text marketing

What Is Your ROI?

What is an ROI, anyway? It sounds rather royal, but an ROI is actually connected to your business financial strategy. ROI stands for "Return On Investment." According to Rasmussen, "ROI is a performance measurement that considers profits in relation to the capital invested." 

While you can get a return from many different kinds of investments, the one you're concerned about when you're creating a marketing campaign is the return you get on the funds that you've invested in that campaign. For every thousand dollars you put into the campaign, how much money will you make from new customers? If you invest $1000 and get $1001, you don't have a strong ROI. If you invest $1000 and your campaign yields $2000, then you have a successful campaign. 

Do You Have a CTA? 

Is a CTA a Certified Turtle Accountant? Good guess, but no: when you're working in marketing lingo, a CTA is your critically important Call To Action. As a business who's engaging in inbound marketing, you need to both create engaging content that connects your readers to your business, and you need to invite your readers to become customers by inviting them to take action. This action could be as simple as signing up for your email newsletter or adding their names to your list of people you should text when there's a sale coming. A CTA inspires your customers to act.

At EZ Texting, we have an SMS marketing platform that can change the way you do business. Get in touch with your customers easily and efficiently with text marketing. Sign up for free today.

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Effective Labor Union Communications Drive Better Results

Effective Labor Union Communications Drive Better Results

There's a key meeting that your members cannot miss, but it's been rescheduled on short notice. How can you get your message through to your union members so that people show up at the right time? They might miss your email, and individual phone calls take too much time. With text messaging, you can ensure that you connect with your union members when time is of the essence to convey that important message or notify them of that important meeting.

Why Emails Don't Always Work 

If you're relying on email messages to get to your members, you could be relying on the wrong method of communication. Emails are a wonderful communication tool in many ways, but at times when you need to get the message through quickly and consistently, emails can fail. According to ReturnPath, "Only 79% of permissioned email marketing messages reached consumers’ inboxes." While your union communications aren't marketing, the email system doesn't know this. Many of your email messages could get stuck in your members' spam folders.

"Only 79% of permissioned email marketing messages reached consumers’ inboxes."

According to MailChimp, the emails that hit inboxes don't necessarily receive a warm reception either. Average email open rates vary from 15 to 28 percent, and if you ask your members to click through, you're likely to get a click-through rate of 2 to 5 percent. That means that if you want people to sign up to attend an event, you may be reaching very few of your potential attendees. 

Your union members are busy people who are often on the job site. They may be away from a desk for large parts of the day. How can you communicate in an interactive, highly-accessible way? 

Don't go backward in an attempt to communicate quickly. Move forward with text messaging. 

Text Marketing Helps Your Union Meet Its Priorities 

What's different about text messaging? As a union, you need to be able to mobilize quickly. People carry their devices almost everywhere. While they may check email frequently, a text gets even more attention. You need a communication method that members can: 

  • Connect with wherever they are, so you can communicate easily even when it's urgent 
  • Access easily. SMS text messaging has an open rate of 99%, compared with those 15 to 28 percent open rates for emails. 
  • Open quickly. Ninety percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt? That's a stunningly fast communication method when you compare it to email. 

Your union also needs to find efficiency where it can. You need a communication method that: 

  • Doesn't take a lot of time. Phone trees worked in the eighties. However, they're unwieldy and inefficient today.
  • Is flexible. You can use text marketing messages to send out polls, transmit urgent information, or even collect votes on a topic of interest.
  • Is accessible to everyone. While most people own cell phones, not everyone owns a smartphone and checks email while out of the office. Text messages can go to anyone who owns a phone. 

Are you trying to make workplace communication simpler? Try EZ Texting. We're here to make communication easy for you and for your employees. Sign up for free and see the difference that EZ Texting makes to your workplace communication. 

Best Practices for Last-Minute Sale Success

Best Practices for Last-Minute Sale Success

The calendar summer is just about over, the kids are back to school, and those summer pool floats and balmy-weather tank tops are not what’s on your customers’ minds. But, they are on your mind—and your shelves—and they are taking up valuable space that should be reserved for next season’s new items. 

If you need to empty your overcrowded shelves, take advantage of some last-minute sales. Consumers know you need to get rid of items, and they will be happy to stock their garages and hold on to them until next summer. Here are some last-minute sale strategies to prepare for next season.

Bundle deals

Have a pool float, a beach towel and a sand castle-building set? Bundle them together for a discount. Bundle sales are appealing to consumers because they feel like they are getting items for free or multiple items for the price of one. 

Group similar items together and discount the price of all three by at least 25% to entice shoppers. Update your website with your bundle promotions and also share them on social media as well as on store window signage. A quick Facebook advertisement to your fans will also help to get the word out about your bundle sales. If you are trying to boost sales at your physical store location, with your ad, target only people in the immediate area.

Social media sharing

If you are on social media (and you should be!), post your sales regularly to get the word out. Use hashtags to get more traction and consider running a few advertisements to generate more awareness.

Also, join targeted Facebook groups and get involved in the conversations. Choose groups that are popular and relevant to your store location and products, and review the guidelines for promotional posts. Also, search for coupon or discount-focused groups where people share the sales they find. Posting and getting involved with a location-specific, discount-focused Facebook group could help boost sales considerably. 

Set shipping and sale deadlines

Use time-sensitive deadlines to encourage participation in your sales and motivate consumers to buy. For online sales, add a deadline and display it prominently on all of your website pages. In store, enact the same deadlines and display them on in-store signage and post them anywhere you publish content. Expect higher volumes the last few days before the sale ends.

Send a text blast

Email, social and other content strategies only impact a small percentage of your customers due to deliverability and visibility challenges. But, there is a strategy that can get your messages in front of more of your customers—and for only pennies.  

Text marketing is a newer strategy that involves sending text blasts to your subscribed customers. A text blast in an SMS text message sent to a large number of contacts simultaneously from one source. Since 95% of Americans own a cell phone and text messages have a 98% open rate, it’s easy to see why this marketing strategy can be so effective for time-sensitive promotions. 

To encourage last-minute shopping, send your deals and discounts via a text blast to all of your customers. To get the most leverage out of your text blasts, work with a provider that utilizes SMS technology and offers features such as group contact segmenting, text message personalization, tiny URL and QR code integration, and the ability to attach digital coupons and save messages as templates. 

Sending a text blast with EZ Texting’s SMS marketing services is quick and simple. To get started, simply sign up for a free trial here, and we will get you set up right away. EZ Texting is an industry leader, and with dozens of happy clients, we are happy to help retail businesses supercharge their promotions and get their messages maximum visibility.