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5 Holiday Messages for Your SMS Marketing Campaign

We are in the midst of holiday cheer. Temperatures are dropping, trees are being garnished, and the red Starbucks cups are out in full force. With visions of sugarplum fairies dancing through their heads, jovial customers are buying up gifts in droves, and with 10 times the coupon redemption rate and a nearly 100 percent open rate, SMS marketing is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Here are five holiday messages that you can effectively utilize in your SMS marketing campaign. 

Happy Holidays! Sign Up and Get a Free _____!

Grow your network this holiday season by creating an engaging call to action that rewards new customers with one of your products or services. With all that holiday shopping for others, it’s nice to get something for yourself.

Drool-Worthy Picture Messages

‘Tis the season for indulgence – especially when it comes to yummy food. If you run a restaurant or bar, send an image of one of your decadent dishes. Just like the aroma of freshly baked pastries, messages with images can lead hungry customers right through your door.

Send Back-In-Stock Messages

While simple, this technique is crucial. According to the National Retail Federation, half of shopping will be conducted online this year. If you have a best-seller that customers crave, let them know it’s back in stock! You can also include a special incentive, such as “the first 10 shoppers to sign up for our messages get this product 15% off.” 

Mobile Coupons

Customers within the 24 to 35 bracket say they find messages with coupons more useful, and those coupons are redeemed 10 times more than email coupons. With so many folks buying online this year, sending SMS message coupons is a great way to entice them to shop at your company.

Exclusive In-Store Offers

Don’t forget about your physical store! Use SMS to send exclusive in-store offers to drive foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar locations. 

SMS messaging can be a valuable resource to generate sales and move inventory this holiday season. By utilizing these five messaging tips, you can increase your potential customer network and attract many more shoppers to gobble up the goodies on your website, as well as your physical locations. 

3 Reasons Your College Campus Should Use Mass Texting

SMS marketing and mass texting aren’t just for marketing professionals or businesses anymore. In recent times, this convenient mobile communication tool has begun being utilized by universities and colleges for a number of reasons. Not only does it open the floodgates of communication between students, but it also helps school staff and recruiters keep in touch with one another, as well as the co-eds. Here are three reasons why your campus should get on the mass texting bandwagon.

Quick and Efficient Emergency Alerts

School tragedies, such as shootings, sexual assaults, and bomb threats, are increasingly on the rise at college and universities. Taking a proactive approach to these threats can help protect students and personnel alike. Numerous schools have partnered with mobile carriers to distribute quick and efficient alerts via mass text as part of their emergency protocol. Besides emergencies, mass texts can be used to warn off campus faculty and students about severe weather conditions and school closings.

Recruiter Efforts

A recent study by Royall and Company found that 57 percent of 8,515 college-bound high school seniors surveyed would be compliant with receiving texts from colleges. In order to get more students on board with mass texts from your campus, text only those who opt in to your program, create a call to action, give them an enticing incentive (such as a discount on textbooks or school supplies), always make your texts actionable, and never, ever overdo it. If you text too much, you risk losing busy co-eds as subscribers.

Likewise, the recruiting department can use mass texts to make appointment notifications to send to co-eds who would otherwise forget due to their busy schedules.

Streamline the Administrative Process

Scheduling a meeting with your entire department or staff can be frustrating for any company, and especially trying for colleges and universities, since everyone is always busy. Instead of using email or slipping notes into numerous mailboxes, schedule a mass text to remind your faculty about an upcoming meeting.

Mass texts can be a great way for college and universities to do a number of things, including notifying folks about an emergency, simplifying admin processes, and making recruiting efforts much more efficient. 

How Can My HR Department Use SMS Marketing?

How Can My HR Department Use SMS Marketing?

Does text messaging belong in the office? While human resource personnel and employers have discouraged this behavior in the past, texts can be a helpful tool in the workplace, just like a copier or computer.

Here are a couple ways your HR department can utilize SMS marketing while in the office. 

Employee Communication

Employee chatter, unless it’s about weekend plans by the watercooler, can be hard to encourage. With SMS messaging, this problem basically disappears. Texts have a response rate that’s 7.5 times higher than email, making them not only efficient, but reliable as well. Also, 90 percent of all texts are read within the first three minutes, meaning that SMS is one of the most immediate forms of communication out there.


Need the right person for the job? Start using text messaging as a way to begin promoting new openings, reminding potential candidates of interview times and notifying them if they got the job or not. For unemployed people, texting is a discreet way of interacting with companies. Perhaps this is why more than 60 percent of recruiters utilize SMS to communicate with candidates.

Meeting Reminders

Instead of using emails to keep track of meetings and those invited to join, send a text to invitees to make the gathering more prominent in their minds. Doing this also lets them know where to meet and when.

Employee Recognition

Celebrate the cheery news of promotions or other commendations easily via SMS messaging. It’s a simple way to ensure everybody at the company hears the good news at once. 

Employee Surveys

If the HR department has something it wants people to start filling out, text them a link. This enables them to have easy access to it from their mobile devices.

As you can see, there are multiple ways your HR department can utilize SMS messaging within the office. From updating employees about emergency closings due to weather to sending employee recognition and surveys, the possibilities are endless! 

How My Ad Agency Can Benefit from Mobile Marketing

Your main purpose as an ad agency is to deliver the best results for your clients and the highest ROI of your services. Sometimes, a small thing like using the right channel can make a difference. 

There is a lot of hype today about social media and email marketing, but there is another channel that works even better: mobile marketing. But does mobile marketing for ad agencies make sense? In this post, we’re going to give you three reasons why it does. 

Mobile marketing helps you reach more people

Mobile marketing for ad agencies is much more effective than email marketing when it comes to reaching your audience. A study by Xtify concluded that push notifications have average open rates of 30 to 60 percent, while the average open rate for email marketing is just 20 percent. This is nothing compared to the astonishing results SMS marketing can give you: 98 percent open rates.

In other words, with mobile marketing you can reach up to five times more people. This is really not that surprising since people tend to carry their phones all the time and check email at least a few times per day.

Mobile marketing has stronger call-to-action

The main purpose of your marketing should be to influence people to take action and take advantage of your offer. This is where mobile marketing for ad agencies could be extremely helpful. Here’s how it can help you:

You get higher click-through rates – the biggest mistake you can make here is not including a call-to-action with a link. It seems that, on average, 29 percent of people click on a link placed within an SMS. For comparison, the average CTR for email marketing is just 3.57 percent. This means that with SMS marketing, an average of eight times more people will check your offer.

You get higher conversion rates – A lot more people might check your offers with mobile marketing, but do they convert? It seems like they do. Dynmark states that, on average, SMS marketing has conversion rates of 14 percent. According to MShopper, conversion rates for mobile marketing can reach 23 percent with a strong call-to-action and limited time offer.

You get higher response rates – If your goal is to get a reply from people, mobile marketing is the way to go; a lot more people will be willing to respond to your text messages. According to a study, SMS marketing has a response rate of a 45 percent, while for email it’s only 6 percent.

Mobile marketing helps you create an omni-channel strategy

The biggest benefit of mobile marketing is that you don’t have to use it on its own. In fact, it tends to work so much better when you integrate it with all your other channels.

A great strategy is to use mobile marketing to redirect people to other channels that will do a better job when it comes to engagement and conversion. For example, you can use an SMS to remind people about your upcoming webinar or your Facebook Live. And since open rates and click-through rates tend to be higher, you will have a better chance of having more people at your livestream.

Does your ad agency currently use mobile marketing? What are the results that you’re getting? Let us know in the comments below.


Why SMBs Should Use SMS Marketing

Text messaging is not just a fast way to chat with friends, but a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. With more than half of the global adult population using cell phones to send messages, there is no sign that SMS marketing will stall. In fact, a vast majority of mobile users are more engaged with SMS messaging than other marketing channels. More than 90% of all messages are read within 3 minutes thanks to a robust notification system that alerts the users whenever the text arrives. Below are just but a few reasons why small enterprises invest into the multi-billion industry:

Direct and Instant communication 

Unlike the conventional channels, text messages are short and fast to convey across the target audience. There are no technical designs needed or promotional material required to carry the message, just decide the content and send a bulk SMS to your clients. It takes the same time to send bulk texts as it does to one recipient, which means you have ample time to focus on your brands. The recipients are likely to read the full text since it is short, precise and convenient. 

Fast responses

Other than fast message delivery to the target audience, marketers are keen to know what the clients feel about the products. Rapid communications trigger instant purchases as it provides relevant information required to make a purchase decision. Customer feedback is a vital component that helps the business improve the products to suit their needs. The faster the response, the more likely the company will address issues before losing the clients. 

Higher conversion rate

Unlike the lengthy email marketing content, text messages yield a higher conversion rate. The content is mobile friendly, which triggers response to the call to actions than other marketing platforms. The call to action communicates in clear yet engaging way, with no links and images to fluff the content. 


Without clear measures of success, it is almost impossible to know the impact of the marketing strategy. A vast majority of service providers provides delivery reports that show the number of texts that reached the audience. You can opt for a more complicated option that shows the recipients and the time of receipt. 


Marketing takes a toll on the company’s budget, hence the need to derive the highest possible return on investment on the campaigns. Unlike placing a full in social platforms, you will probably spend cents to send each message or flat rates on bulk texts. It delivers great value proposition for business owners operating on tight budgets. 

Without a sizable budget to fund your marketing campaigns, it is hard to compete with the large corporations on traditional platforms. Text messaging provides a level playing field to sell your brand in the highly competitive market. The vast yet fast coverage outweighs the cost associated with bulk texts and tracking services, making it a worthy investment for small enterprises.

SMS Marketing for Beauty Salons

The decision to utilize SMS for your beauty salon is one you will pat yourself on the back about for a long while. SMS is a great way to pull ahead of the competition, plenty of which exists in the beauty industry. If you have yet to make a decision regarding SMS marketing for your beauty destination, let the following sink in. 

Very Cost-Effective

SMS is a fantastically cost-effective marketing option. Whatever your beauty salon budget, it is possible to take full advantage of SMS. Most texting platforms offer their services for literal pennies per sent text, with monthly payment options for high-volume programs also available. The cost to receive texts is also low.

High Open Rate

Text messages have extremely high open rates, unlike emails and even social media messages. SMS features an open rate of 99 percent, while email has an open rate of 28 to 33 percent. If you decide to use SMS to promote your beauty salon, you can relax knowing the vast majority of your recipients will open messages right away. 

Excellent Engagement Rate

SMS marketing offers a fantastic engagement rate—eight times the engagement rate of email. What does this mean? It means that the chance of those reading your texts actually taking action is high. Text messages enjoy high engagement and conversion rates, allowing you to market to a smaller audience but still see the same number of leads turning into sales. You can also see a much bigger increase in business when you decide it’s time to market to a larger audience. 

No-Show Reduction

Text messaging significantly reduces the number of no-shows, as it functions as the ultimate appointment reminder. Forget losing revenue because your clients forgot about their hair appointments or facials. Texting is a fabulous appointment reminder due to the aforementioned high read rate. Send texts a day or two before appointments and breathe easier knowing they will be read. 

Optimal Versatility

SMS is a highly versatile way to market your beauty salon. Use it to send your best beauty tips and tricks, ask for customer feedback, provide subscribers with deals and discounts, and offer a call-to-action to your existing client list. Texting provides an easy way to ensure you are providing your best service possible, gain the repeat business and recommendations you crave, and provide your subscribers with valuable information about or related to your business. It’s a win-win-win-win, yes? 

Competitive Advantage

Yet another benefit of text messaging is it allows you to compete with the beauty salons around you. Compete with larger, better-known brands without issue, as texting doesn’t require designing expensive graphics and as previously mentioned is ridiculously cheap. Show customers why your salon is just as good if not better than bigger names without breaking a sweat...what’s not to love about that? 

Take advantage of the excellent benefits SMS marketing for beauty salons will be delighted at the results, which put your business where it belongs: in the forefront of your customers’ minds. 

Increase Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates With SMS Marketing

SMS marketing offers many avenues for acquiring new customers, including mobile coupons. Sending coupons has long been an effective method for pleasing current customers and gaining new ones, with SMS marketing being a wonderful way to increase mobile coupon redemption rates. SMS marketing wins out over email response rates an astounding eight times over. Take a moment to review why redemption rates are higher when you sending coupons via SMS. 

Higher View Numbers

Text messaging increases mobile coupon redemption rates for a very simple reason: more people see the messages. Some 90 percent of American adults own SMS-enabled mobile phones, with 81 percent using their devices for texting. The number of people who check their email, go online frequently, and have social media accounts pales in comparison. People check their text messages eight times a day if not more, as very little effort is required to view them. 

A mere 2 percent of sent text messages are not viewed by recipients. Compare that to 84 percent of Facebook posts and 71 percent of tweets remaining unseen, and 88 percent of emails languishing in inboxes without ever being opened. Text messaging is subsequently the best way to ensure consumers see your mobile coupons. 

Very Convenient

Text messaging enjoys a high redemption rate because it is just so darn convenient. There’s no need to print paper coupons, place them in bags or wallets, or remember to use them at the correlating store. Consumers simply need their phones, and since many people are tethered to their mobile devices, mobile coupon redemption is clearly the one coupon option to rule them all. Additionally, more and more people are using their mobile devices for internet access. Mobile-friendly websites that allow for easy coupon access are therefore very necessary, as is a simple point of sale process. The more streamlined mobile coupon access is via smartphones and similar devices, the higher redemption rates will be. 

Preferred Message Option

SMS is not only a highly viewed messaging channel, but it is also the one people prefer in regard to business communications. Consumers generally opt for text message communication with brands over phone calls and email, with a survey finding that 74 percent of people read text messages faster than those sent by email. Additionally, 70 percent of consumers believe text messaging is a great option regarding business to consumer communication. This shows that customers prefer receiving messages via text and are more likely to respond and redeem mobile coupons.

A Valuable Tool 

SMS is a fantastic marketing tool that increases mobile coupon redemption rates and contributes to better business overall. Use it to send customer service initiatives, text-to-win contests, exclusive deals and promotional codes, polls, transaction messages, reminders, and more. It is an easy way to increase customer engagement, which results in more brand awareness, conversions, and revenue. SMS is also incredibly inexpensive and fits into most marketing budgets, no matter how small the business. 

Implement SMS today to send mobile coupons your customers cannot resist. 

How to Grow Your Driving School Business with SMS Marketing

The decision to utilize SMS marketing for your driving school is one you’ll pat yourself on the back about for a long time. SMS provides a fantastic, cost-effective way to promote your driving school, increase your business, and separate yourself from the competition. Nice, right? So how exactly does SMS marketing for driving schools help get your business name out there? Let’s find out. 

Better Than Email

SMS is not as widely used as email and other marketing options despite its affordability and near-instant open rates. It therefore allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition who are sticking with plain old email. There’s no need to labor over expensive graphics, and no need to spend a small fortune to send the texts. You won’t have to make over your marketing budget to fit SMS in, but you will get to increase business awareness in a way other mediums do not. 

Improved Student Communications

Text messaging provides a great medium for communicating with driving students. For one thing, tweens and teens are all about texting. Calling friends and family is practically a pastime, as texting and instant messaging have long since eclipsed more traditional means of communication. Work with SMS to send messages regarding class reminders and confirmations. Help yourself keep track of your business and sidestep missed appointment annoyances. Use texting to request driver school feedback as well. 

Promotions, Specials, Etc. 

SMS is a great way to let students (and subsequently their parents) know about upcoming specials or promotions. For example, try sending a code or link that entitles the receiver to 5 or 10 percent off their next class if they sign up for five lessons. Other initial signup specials to try include a free first class for those who opt-in, or at least a deeply discounted class. You might also want to send texts about upcoming events and festivals you’ll be attending, such as a fall community fair. Text messaging makes it easy to let students know about everything to do with your driving school.

Billboards, Flyers, Banners

Adding SMS information to flyers, banners, billboards, print ads, and any other advertising means you’re currently utilizing is another great way to increase business awareness. Make it easy for interested parties to sign up via SMS or text your automated service to learn more about what you offer. Put texting information on all business cards as well. 

Wider Audience

SMS allows you to reach a much wider audience. Local advertising is helpful, but texting makes it possible to reach students and parents in the tri-state area if desired. Nearly 90 percent of Americans own a SMS-enabled phone, and texting has a 98 percent open rate. Email and social media cannot compete with that! 

Enjoy the benefits a solid SMS marketing campaign provides your driving business. It’s easy, inexpensive, and effective. Why toil over detailed email marketing campaigns when you can send texts and know the vast majority of your audience will read them immediately? 

How to Generate Leads for Law Firms With Text Marketing

Is your law firm harnessing the power of text marketing for lead generation? If it is not, it should be. Text marketing for generating leads is one of the best tools you can use and offer your firm partners, since it allows you to communicate with a variety of audiences in ways that they are receptive to and that don’t cost you much money.

When you automate your text marketing, you don’t even have to expend much time to generate revenue for your law firm. Using a CRM can help you organize the leads you receive and convert them into revenue. Together, text marketing and the use of a CRM will increase your ROI significantly.

As you implement text marketing, make sure you consider the following:

Get Permission

It is not okay to randomly send text messages to people who have never expressed interest in your services. Get permission to send SMS messages via opt-in forms on your website or by asking for it in other ways. You might want to create a mobile keyword for each type of legal service you offer; for instance you can ask potential clients to Text Divorce at 900000. This way, you get the opt-in, and you know more about your leads’ needs.

Make Messages Short and Clear

Once you have permission to send SMS messages, keep your texts short so that they can garner interest and persuade people to contact you for more information. Make messages clear so that individuals don’t have to guess what you are asking them to do. If you want someone to call, ask for a call-back. When you would rather someone click on a link to your landing page, make that request specific.

Pay Attention to Timing

Timing is critical when it comes to text messaging for lead generation. Pay attention to when you send your SMS messages. The ideal time to send a text messages is shortly after initial contact, and then you will want to follow up promptly after you get a response.

Qualify Your Leads

As you are using mobile marketing to generate leads, you will want to qualify and grade your leads, so that you are sure which ones your sales team can utilize. You might also have your sales team note which leads may not be right to follow up with now, but could hold potential for future business.

Messages Should be Relevant and Have End Goals

Every text message you send should keep prospective clients engaged and wanting to know more. Don’t stop reaching out after one great message, however. Keep sending useful information and offers to assist, and you will likely see your click-through rates and interaction increase for your benefit.

In order to determine if your text messaging lead generation campaign is working, you must set benchmarks for your sales team and evaluate which SMS campaigns have proven successful. This gives you the information you need to drop time-wasting campaigns or expand on ones that have had a high impact.

3 Creative Mobile Marketing Campaigns to Learn From

With more than half the world now using mobile technology, the mobile marketing industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, technology research firm eMarketer estimates that ad dollars spent on mobile marketing campaigns will quadruple in the next four years, from 8.4 billion to 37 billion dollars by 2016. This means that mobile marketing campaigns will become increasingly more competitive for consumers’ attention, motivating brands to be extremely innovative in order to stand out.

Creating unique, fun, and interesting user experiences is of the highest importance in developing wildly successful mobile marketing strategies, especially if the marketing channels can be social or viral. Companies also must keep up-to-date on the latest innovations in mobile ad technology, including behavioral, geo, and trend targeting. Below are a few of the most successful examples of creative mobile marketing ideas in the past year.

LG: Mobile, Social, and Musical
After launching its L-series handset, technology company LG created a twitter-based mobile game in order to reach a younger female audience. The company promoted its event at the LG Arena featuring the young pop band One Direction, hiding 25 exclusive pairs of VIP tickets each in a different location. As people tweeted #lgtickethunter to LG’s short code, the map on LG’s site zoomed in closer to each location—for every tweet LG received, the map zoomed in tighter, eventually revealing the locations. LG’s goal was to create some buzz around the campaign as well as to create greater brand awareness for the company across a younger market. Over the course of five days, LG received 58,000 uses of the #lgtickethunter hashtag, with 40,000 page views to the 1-page site and 9420 unique visitors. As a result, the L-series phone saw a 28% increase in sales during the campaign.

Key takeaway: Make your mobile marketing campaign relevant to the target market’s interest. Mobile marketing research into emerging trends will help. Keep in mind what’s hot and current for your demographic, and position your marketing accordingly.

Ikea: Traditional Catalog Transformed
With the goal of reinvigorating interest into one of the most traditional direct marketing campaigns, IKEA turned its renowned catalog into an interactive mobile app, allowing consumers to view hidden content by scanning certain pages of the catalog. This enhanced user experience drove IKEA’s app to become the number one downloaded marketing app for a brand in 2012. The 6.2 million installs made for more than three times the attention IKEA’s catalog received the year before, and users spent an average of eight minutes in the app compared to only three minutes in the catalogue.

Key Takeaway: Modern consumers are becoming more tech compelled. Transforming traditional, static marketing collateral into interactive and entertaining content is important in today’s evolving economy.

Quiznos: Close by and Right up Your Alley
As we’ll see in this example, successful mobile marketing is not just about being creative on the user side, it’s also about being savvy on the marketing side. In November 2012, the quick-service sandwich company Quiznos launched a geo-targeted mobile campaign in the Portland, Oregon area to attract nearby consumers who were likely to make a purchase. Instead of simply setting parameters as to location, Quiznos used location-based behavioral targeting technology to establish conditions around who was most likely to actually buy food at a quick-serve restaurant. The sandwich brand only served mobile ads to 18 to 34-year-old consumers who had visited comparable quick-service restaurants, like Subway or Jimmy John’s, during the previous 30 days and who were no further than three miles away from a Quiznos shop at the time the ad was served. Because of Quiznos’ tech savvy approach to geographic and behavioral targeting, the company served nearly 3.7 million targeted ad impressions and consequently saw a 20 percent increase in coupon redemptions within the Portland area compared to similar nationwide campaigns that didn’t use behavioral targeting.

Key takeaway: Consumers are constantly on the go, and mobile marketing campaigns should reflect that reality. Delivering an ad that targets individual behaviors and current location, and including a coupon, is a great way to inspire immediate action.


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