SMS Marketing for the Spa Industry

Text Marketing for Spas
SMS Marketing for the Spa Industry

Spas and salons thrive on being the first to offer the latest treatments and therapies to their customers - that’s why SMS is such a perfect match for the industry. There’s no quicker way to issue a message, promotional offer or coupon to thousands of people and be sure almost all of them read it within minutes. Here are just a few ideas on how to use SMS messaging in your marketing campaign:

Mobile Coupons

An easy, effective way of attracting new customers – and ensuring they stick around – is to offer regular mobile coupons. If you have a new product in, give customers 40% off with a coupon. Existing clients will feel a new sense of brand loyalty, and new customers will opt in to your contact list in order to receive future offers.

Appointment Reminders

Instead of making a courtesy call, which is time consuming and expensive, send a text 24 hours before the appointment. Customers will appreciate the reminder, and if they can’t make the appointment, they’ll let you know so you can fill the slot.

Fill Vacant Appointments

If you do have a late cancellation, you’ll know how annoying it can be to lose business but still be paying staff. People may not check their emails everyday, or answer the phone – but most people check their phone for texts, often multiple times a day. Next time you have a cancellation, or an empty time slot, send an SMS blast along the lines of: “Two vacant slots today between 4pm and 5pm. Schedule now and get 25% off your haircut." 

In-House Advertising

Make use of your space to promote your mobile marketing campaign. Stencil mirrors or changing room doors with a short code and keyword. For example, customers who text ‘NAILS’ to your short code can get 20% off a manicure. It’s another surefire way of growing your contact list to include walk-ins and other customers who may not usually engage with mobile marketing.

Offer Free Content

With smartphone adoption growing year on year, mobile marketing is about so much more than SMS. Include links to rich content like videos and mp3s – people prefer audiovisual content to huge blocks of text, so a multimedia approach is essential to reaching new customers. A video doesn’t have to be expensively produced, and it’s a great way of getting the word out about upcoming offers at your salon.

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