SMS Marketing for the Travel Industry

SMS Marketing for the Travel Industry

Virtually any industry can make use of SMS marketing tactics, but it’s particularly useful for those in the travel business. Just like vacationers, the mobile marketplace is, by definition, on the move. You understand what it means to reach people who are not at home close to their computer. Mobile marketing and travel is a match made in heaven… 

One of the hazards of the travel industry is the frequency and suddenness with which important information changes. Flight delays and cancellations often don’t become apparent until close to the time of departure, by which time travelers are already on their way to the airport. Even if they’re still at home, they probably aren’t spending their remaining few hours online when there’s last minute packing to be done, and taxis to be called.

This is where mobile plays a key role. Imagine a customer has just got in their car to make the two hour drive to the airport. Last time they checked the departures that morning, everything was on schedule. Before they’ve started their engine, they get a text message alerting them of a four hour delay to their flight. You’ve just saved them a lot of hanging around in the airport – now they can go back inside and relax while they await further updates.

SMS messaging is ideal for staying in touch with customers, but there are all sorts of other ways in which your mobile marketing strategy can benefit from the power of text:

  • Selling last minute fares. It’s not just airlines that are forced to make last minute changes. Between cancellations and no-shows, most flights take off minus a few passengers. The answer for travel agents is offering last minute seats at a reduced rate. Flexible flyers love a last minute deal – and the most reliable way to get the word out is through SMS messaging.
  • Advertising new routes. Adding a new destination should be a gateway to increased revenue – but the traditional methods of notifying customers like email and newsletters will only reach a certain number of people. Texting is the most reliable way to let lots of people know about your new routes.
  • Offering advice. Once the flight is booked, there’s still much to do in preparation for a trip. SMS messaging is ideal for letting folks know about the latest baggage regulations, information about their destination like exchange rates and airport taxi info. They’ll appreciate the helping hand.

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