5 Ways SMS Technology Has Shaped the Future of Marketing

The Future of SMS Technology
5 Ways SMS Technology Has Shaped the Future of Marketing

In today's wildly competitive digital marketplace, "innovation" is a word that gets thrown around a lot. The most successful businesses are in a constant sprint to unlock the latest product, service, or tool. An innovation allows businesses to claim larger market segments, boost revenues, and much more. However, despite these powerful growth opportunities, too many organizations are still missing out.

Recent data suggests that 37% of organizations have made no or only minimal changes to their innovation approach. Moreover, 50% of businesses do not believe their leaders fully display the vision and passion needed to make innovation happen.

The fact is — there's one simple innovation that your business can unlock right now. And the best part is, this innovation is guaranteed to provide immediate enhancements to your business or organization.

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How SMS Technology has Shaped the Future of Business Marketing

If you haven't invested in SMS technology for your business, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with prospects and customers. Many industry-leading businesses already use text messaging software to initiate more personalized and direct marketing communications. The savviest marketers know that SMS technology promises to shape the future of digital marketing. Here's how:

1. Instant Communication

SMS technology has changed the speed of digital messaging. With text message marketing, businesses initiate instantaneous communications. Gone are the days of waiting for emails to arrive or social media messages to stick. In fact, 90% of business text messages are opened within the first three minutes of receipt. Most text message marketing recipients appreciate the speed of delivery that only texting can provide.

2. Increased Personalization

SMS technology has shaped the way businesses think about marketing personalization. According to a recent study, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience. Most text message service providers make it super easy to add personalization tokens to all outbound text communications. These personalization tokens give businesses the ability to address text recipients by name. Think about it from the customers' perspective — are you more likely to respond to message addressed to "dear customer" or one that's addressed to your first and last name?

3. Hyper-Effectiveness

SMS technology has changed the way marketers think about marketing effectiveness. The data doesn't lie — text messaging is the most effective marketing channel business use to interact with prospects and customers:

  • Text messages are opened and read almost five times more than email
  • 90% of all text messages are read within the first three minutes of receipt
  • 20% of consumers prefer texting to a phone call when engaging with businesses
  • Text messages create a 40% higher conversion rate

Additionally, texting is an opt-in service, so those who sign up actually want to receive your text marketing messages.

4 Strategies for Successful Text Marketing

4. Convenience

SMS technology has made digital marketing more convenient. Marketers know that texting is the most used mobile application — 97% of Americans use it at least once per day. With texting, there's one less hoop to jump through. Instead of signing on to social media or launching an email platform to see your marketing messages, users can simply look at their phones. Text message marketing offers unmatched ease-of-use and accessibility.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

SMS technology has shaped the way marketers think about marketing from a cost standpoint. Instead of deploying multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, digital marketers are deploying targeted text messages. Additionally, from a customer service perspective, text messaging is the most cost-effective support tool. In fact, texting can reduce business's spend from $20 to just pennies.

Unlock the Future of Digital Marketing

Failing to innovate is one of the biggest mistakes businesses can make. By investing in text message marketing right now, you're investing in the future of digital marketing. And finding the right SMS marketing provider gives your business the firepower it needs to maximize its text message marketing potential.

EZ Texting has supported thousands of industry-leading businesses and organizations. Our high-powered and results-driven SMS technology is purpose-built to help you initiate engaging and targeted text communications to prospects and customers. In just five minutes, we'll help you upload your contacts and send your very first business text message — it's that easy!

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