SMS Text Marketing for Small Business Success

13 Jan

There’s nothing like the thrill of starting a new business. You invest time and money to open your doors in the hopes of building your brand, carving out a niche for your products in the global marketplace and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Savvy businesspeople understand the need to stay abreast of cutting-edge marketing trends and technological advances in order to catapult their company to profitability.

SMS text marketing for small business success can give your existing marketing and advertising efforts a boost. This form of mobile marketing that helps spread the word about your business in fast, innovative and affordable ways. Whether your new startup is a flower shop, clothing store or dog walking business, generate a buzz about your company, offer discounts to new and existing clients and keep in touch with your audience with a strategic SMS marketing campaign.

Give your startup the competitive edge by leveraging SMS text marketing in the following ways:

Enhance your existing social media campaigns As a savvy entrepreneur, you understand the importance of maintaining an effective social media presence for your business. Rev up your existing social outreach on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram by incorporating SMS text advertising. Your fans and followers can opt in to receive mobile updates on your goods and services, which is perfect for clients on the go. SMS texting also adds a layer of exclusivity, as your customers feel they are part of a select group that receives your messages and updates.

Create brand recognition SMS marketing offers innovative ways to create brand awareness. A simple text to your distribution list can save them money on their next purchase, encourage them to tell a friend about a particular service for deep discounts or simply alert them to a new product. All of this inspires trust in your developing brand. As you build your brand, an SMS marketing campaign can also enhance your existing email marketing efforts by integrating email and text strategically.

Improve your mobile presence We live in a fast-paced global society, where online trends rapidly change from day to day. Many startup companies fail because they neglect the needs of their mobile customers. Because cell phones are owned by more than 90% of American adults, SMS mobile marketing allows you to reach your clients quickly and effectively to offer discounts, exclusive information about upcoming products and simply to keep in touch.

SMS text marketing can take your startup to the next level. This form of digital marketing works well on its own or in combination with traditional online campaigns to help your new business soar.

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