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Start the Ignition — Grow Vehicle Sales with Group Texts

Grow Vehicle Sales with Group Texts
Start the Ignition — Grow Vehicle Sales with Group Texts

One’s company, two’s a crowd, three’s a party. When it comes to marketing towards a $985 billion-dollar industry, you want to be able to reach your entire audience with the simple click of a button.

Texting is the most efficient channel for connecting with customers quickly and effectively. With 98% open rates that are typically read within minutes of receipt, you can be assured that your message will be seen — and appropriately acted on. And fast.

Whether your dealership caters to drivers in the market for their next new or used car, RV, motorcycle, ATV, or boat… dealership text messaging will put you in the driver’s seat for accelerating your sales quotas.

1. Drive Traffic and Vehicle Sales with Group Text

Promote a sale or special event to potential buyers via group text messages that include must-drive-that-car images, videos, and trackable links.

An image or video of a big-ticket item (like a new vehicle) will surely catch a potential customer’s attention. While this is particularly true of buyers who are already in the market, a well-timed text can help surge interests among casual shoppers or customers whose lease may have some extra time (but who could be tempted to trade in early for another model).

Naturally, year-end clearance sales or major blowout extravaganzas will bring the most traffic… but holidays of all sorts can also get both foot traffic and online click traffic into your showroom. Whether the excitement surrounds December Holidays, July 4, or President’s Day Weekend, you can maximize your sales with group texts.

2. Integrate with Omnichannel Plans

One of the most exciting features of group text messaging is how easily and effectively it works with your current marketing strategies.

Traditional dealerships are pursuing internet-based sales strategies as customers go online to research and comparison shop. Social media has also become a vital channel in which to entice shoppers into visiting the showroom. TV spots, emails, brochures, and direct mailings can also increase interest. 

These channels are all even more powerful when combined with text messaging. Think of it like revving up the engine on your marketing plans.

Encourage customers to opt in to your SMS database by advertising Keywords across channels. Trigger notifications for sales and events. Add urgency to emails by sending a text notification follow-up. Text reminder notices about big sales… and be sure to include a link to set up a test drive.

3. Segment Potential Buyers into Targeted Categories

Not every vehicle (or motorcycle or boat) will be right for every shopper. Get the most of your texting campaigns by tailoring them to a buyer’s preferred interests.

When you sort your contacts into preferred interests, you can target customers with the most relevant offers, promotions, and info.

Don’t forget to keep your database as up to date as possible. As drivers get older, needs may shift. Family cars and minivans may suddenly be prioritized. Or perhaps, the children are growing up. Work on bringing new drivers in your funnel. Be aware that trends also change across demographics. 

For example, RV dealerships are currently experiencing growth with Baby Boomers approaching retirement age and looking to hit the open road and travel around the nation. But younger, more active consumers are also eyeing RVs as a safe, fun alternative to traveling both during and after the pandemic.

Dealers are also revamping targeting strategies for motorcycles as more and more women and young adults are interested. To further pique interest, a dealership could employ a Drip Campaign… sending out text blasts for new inventory alerts as well as video clips of fun motorcycle rallies or iconic road scenery that a rider would be sure to enjoy. 


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Grow Vehicle Sales with Group Texts

Start the Ignition — Grow Vehicle Sales with Group Texts

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