Successfully Troubleshoot Costly Issues in Storage Businesses with SMS Solutions

SMS for Self Storage
Successfully Troubleshoot Costly Issues in Storage Businesses with SMS Solutions

Open the combination locks and rolled-up doors and reveal a secret tucked away: self-storage is one of America’s fastest-growing industries with nearly $40 billion in annual sales — a number that looks set to continue it's upward trajectory.

Americans possess a lot of belongings that spark joy and for which they are not quite ready to discard — whether experiencing a downsizing (retirement or job loss), the merging or splitting of households (marriage or divorce), relocation (military deployment or college), or any variety of other reasons.

As a proprietor, you’re selling convenience and will want to alleviate any communication, payment, security, and access concerns that customers may have about leaving their treasured belongings in your facility — their rented home-away-from-home.

What Storage Issues Can You Troubleshoot with SMS?

Access Concerns

Convenience is key. Tenants want to know they can access their belongings (or at least reach the administrative office) whenever they need to. If they can’t, they will likely look elsewhere for storage possibilities. While you may not be able to keep your doors open 24/7, automatized texting doesn’t take a break. Customers don’t want to continually receive busy signals when dialing or not hear back from you. With the immediate connectivity and engagement of 1-on-1 Chat, you can deliver quick response times.

Security Concerns

Security is paramount for tenants. After all, if they care enough about their personal belongings to pay monthly fees for storage — they want to ensure that these items remain secure and away from prying hands. Even if you have gated premises that are monitored 24/7 and solid-structured, climate-controlled and weatherproofed units with trusted, experienced attendants on-site — renters may still have concerns about the unexpected. An added layer of assurance can go a long way. By offering SMS real-time alerts and push notifications, renters can feel confident that in the event of any sort of emergency, they will receive a text alert.

Payment Concerns

Ideally, you never have to concern yourself with an eviction or auction of belongings. The best way to do that, of course, is to encourage tenants to always pay on time. Simplify payments with automatized reminders that include trackable links to your website to keep accounts in good standing — and save yourself the headache of collecting fees. After all, many tenants begin using storage facilities during moments where life may be in flux (moving, divorce, deployment, etc). Renters will appreciate any way you can help streamline the process.

Communications Concerns

While your first concern in business may be your customers, you must always consider your bottom line. Collection notices that are mailed or attempted via a phone call are not trackable. SMS allows you to show proof of contact in the event that you need to evict over default of payment. Among self-storage renters, mailing addresses and phone numbers often change — and you may find that the information you have on file no longer works. SMS will still track your attempts to connect.

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