Supercharge Your New Year's Events with These 4 Promotional Tips

Text Marketing for New Year's Eve
Supercharge Your New Year's Events with These 4 Promotional Tips

Are you counting down to the new year? Get everyone excited about your fabulous event by promoting it through a wide variety of marketing channels. Whether you have the best coupon ever for a couple's night out, or you're throwing a party with a local band at your club, you can use SMS marketing to reach out to your audience quickly and effectively. Here's how to get the party started. 

1. Grow a Diverse Following on Social Media 

Social media is a way of letting people know about events, but it's also a way to connect with customers with questions, get feedback about what events people would like to see, and share photos of the event as it's in progress. Choose different social media platforms for different purposes. For instance, if your club has an Instagram account, you could create a hashtag for your New Years Eve event and encourage people to use it as they take photos of themselves dancing with friends. If you have a young audience that's on Snapchat, you could send out video snippets of the event as it is taking place. This contributes to the longer-term promotion of your club by intriguing all those who are on your social media accounts. Consider how your core audiences use social media, and make sure that you're on those platforms. 

2. Build a Targeted List 

If you want to get people excited about your next event, building a targeted email list is an excellent way to grow that connection over time. Email lists should be targeted to specific groups of customers. If you have one group of customers who tend to come in early and eat with the kids and another who are the late-night dessert crowd, you could reach out to both about your event, but in different ways. You can also target emails and specific events toward specific groups within your broad audience. For instance, you could offer a family-oriented New Year's Eve celebration early in the evening, followed by a late closing for couples with cozy winter drinks and a chilled-out atmosphere. 

3. Use SMS Marketing for Easy Outreach

The vast majority of Americans own a cell phone, and that phone is their communication lifeline. They use it to make calls, check social media, and check text messages. According to Forbes, "why 68% of millennials admit to texting a lot on a daily basis, compared to 47% of their Gen X counterparts." If you're trying to attract younger audiences, then texting will land in their phones and be read within just a few minutes. You can use SMS marketing to send out: 

  • Coupons for discounts or a free gift at your restaurant this holiday season 
  • Special offers for New Year's events 
  • Reminders about an upcoming event, such as a featured band at your club 
  • Questions and contests to build the excitement before the big day 

4. Have A Theme 

It's easier to promote your seasonal event through all of your marketing channels if you have a theme. What feeling are you going to have for your event this year? Is it a cozy night out, or is it a 90s dance extravaganza? A theme allows you to define your audience, create images and promotional material for your event, and even choose the best marketing platforms.

We're EZ Texting, and we're here to make your marketing easier. If you're trying to ramp up the excitement on New Year's or anytime throughout the year, let us help. We can help you reach out to your customers and guests quickly and easily so that you don't need to worry about whether your next promotion or event will be a success: you'll feel certain that it will succeed. Sign up for free today.

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