Test Message Tracking Tools, and Why They’re So Critical to Success

22 Nov

When global companies hire global ad agencies, the one question they want to know is: “How do you track whether the campaign is a success or not?” While Madison Avenue is a pipe dream for small and medium-size businesses, that question is still key to a company’s success. 

Even for something as simple as an SMS, EZ Texting provides tools that will help analyze the effectiveness of your texts. So how do you capture data to best make it work for you?

Flexible filtering

This feature allows you to sort data by a variety of filters; MMS vs SMS, whether the text was inbound or outbound, the date it was sent, etc. By analyzing the content of your texts to customers, as well as the date they were sent, you may be able to identify what messaging resonates most with them, as well as the best times to text them. Whatever question you ask, flexible filtering can help you find the answer.

Keyword activity

Want to know what keywords work best? And what your best sources of new customers are? Using multiple keywords can help you determine their effectiveness. At this point, you’ll have two options for tracking your data: 

1) Connect each keyword to a unique group and monitor the activity of that group (such as how that group is growing) and 
2) Clicking on Reports>Keyword Activity from the navigation menu, and using the line graph to gain key insights. 

Imagine trying to parse all this data manually!

EZ Texting’s tracking tools will help you glean insights from six categories: Recently Added Contacts, Opt-ins/outs, Sources of Contacts, Recent Incoming/Outgoing Messages, Cumulative Incoming/Outgoing Messages, and Keyword Activity. Each category provides data using colorful, easy-to-understand line graphs.
Log in to EZ Texting and experiment with how you can get the strongest ROI from your campaigns!

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