Text Essentials to Help Businesses Celebrate Father's Day

Retailers, government agencies, and auto dealers can all benefit from a holiday text strategy.

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May 10, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Texting on Father’s Day isn’t just about sending dear ol’ dad a personal message or a GIF of his favorite movie.

Every year, many industries see a big boost in business on Father’s Day — from retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, auto dealerships, and more. Government offices and agencies are also likely to see an uptick in activity, with residents eager to enjoy family time at beaches and parks.

And while Mother’s Day often tends to outshine with the biggest buzz (and spending), 2021 may be the year everyone goes all out for Dad and Grandpa — particularly with the recent easing of restrictions.

With a 98% engagement rate, text marketing is the fastest, most efficient way to connect with customers and constituents. Entice new customers to opt-in and subscribe with promises of everything from promos to gift ideas, new safety measures, and more.

In honor of the holiday, you can even have a little extra fun with your texts to enliven and personalize them by wishing everyone a happy Father’s Day or throwing in a light-hearted “Dad joke.”


engagement rate of text marketing.

Here’s some more ideas how businesses and organizations can integrate SMS solutions into marketing campaigns:


How Retailers Offices Can Use Text Marketing This Father's Day

Retailers are looking forward to a Father's Day boon and the National Retailer Federation says that Father's Day spending in 2021 will surpass 2020's record-breaking holiday.

Your Plan of Action:

  • Promote holiday sales on social media and send text coupons or discounts direct to customers.
  • Offer VIP loyalty memberships to further engage with customers — especially as Google is looking to disband third-party cookies. Loyalty programs will soon be one of the best ways to nurture relationships with devoted shoppers.
  • Use MMS picture messaging to engage your audience and stand out among competitors — check out our ready-to-send images! Read our retailers guide to text marketing promotions.

Learn more about how texting can help your retail or e-commerce business


How Government Offices Can Use Text Marketing for Father's Day

It’s important to celebrate safely, and as the authority on parks and beaches, local governments need to be able to quickly circulate information pertinent to people’s party plans.

Your Plan of Action:

  • Send an email featuring updated community policies as they develop, such as changes to park and pool hours, or safety tips for backyard BBQs.
  • Follow up with a text message and link to be sure they’ve seen it.
  • Set up custom Keywords for various groups, like Public Safety or Events, so citizens can opt in to receive targeted updates most relevant to their interests.
  • Facilitate administrative tasks by integrating texting and 1-on-1 Chat capability to secure reservations for picnic tables, tennis courts, and more.

See how Gilbert, Arizona uses text marketing to keep their community safe.


How Grocery Stores Can Use Text Marketing for Father's Day

Dads deserve a feast on Father’s Day. But before anyone can heat up the BBQ and get their smoke on — they must first head to the store to purchase the burgers, hot dogs, and coleslaw.

Your Plan of Action:

  • Text exclusive coupons or offer other promos for popular weekend must-haves.
  • Send event announcements and invite subscribers to specially hosted craft beer and wine events or specialty food tastings.
  • Host seasonal recipes on your website and share links via MMS picture messaging texts, as well as social media and email.
Learn why text marketing is the perfect complement to any other form of customer outreach.

How Restaurants Can Use Text Marketing

Patrons will want to celebrate by returning to their favorite restaurants — or pre-ordering tasty to-go meals. Welcome guests back in with smart, social distancing measures and special promotions.

Your Plan of Action:

  • Post updated operating hours and safety procedures, such as daily cleaning schedules and availability of curbside drop-off and pick-up delivery.
  • Follow up with a text to ensure it’s been seen.
  • Tempt diners with mouthwatering images of Father’s Day specials via MMS picture messaging.
  • Remind customers that Gift Cards to your restaurant are always a big hit and include a link to your website to streamline purchase.

See our complete guide to text marketing for restaurants.


How Auto Dealerships Can Use Text Marketing

Not all dads get ties for Father’s Day. For the truly competitive gifter who can give Dad the very best — or the father who can gift it to himself, what Dad really wants is a brand new car. Capitalize on the economy opening up by offering even better incentives to hit the road this year.

Your Plan of Action:

  • Text subscribers exclusive lease specials, extra financing, bonus cash offers, and more—and don’t forget to offer discounts at the body shop, too.
  • Many predict 2021 will be the summer of the Great American Road Trip—so schedule Service Reminder text alerts to ensure families remember to get their vehicle in tip-top shape.
  • Maintain social distancing wherever possible by using text messaging to set up appointments and use 1-on-1 Chat to answer questions.
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