Text Market Your Retail Business with Love

Text Market Your Retail Business with Love

In February, retail stores blossom with red hearts and romantic treats. We’re constantly being asked to show our loved ones we care. But how do show your customers that same love? How do you make them feel warm, fuzzy, and most of all, loyal to you? Find out how to text market your retail business with love.

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Market With Love

Instead of viewing your customers as line items on a spreadsheet, think of them as the people they are. People with their own hopes, dreams, and wishes. Think about how your product or service can make their lives better? How can you help them win? Hint: helping your customers win will benefit you as well!

Texting is a technology that 97% of Americans use on a daily basis. It’s how they love to communicate. Think about the impact you could make if you give them an offer they want on the channel they prefer most. Texting and marketing – it’s a match made in heaven.

Design Offers That Benefit Customers

Getting a discount or coupon feels great – except when it’s for something you don’t want. When creating an offer, think about what your audience wants and how you can personalize it for them. It’s even better if you can segment your customer list by their preferences. Text marketing makes this easy, but you need some information about your audience to do it right.

Use Keywords to Segment Your List

One option is to use different keywords to attract different audiences. If you’re running a special promotion on T-shirts, for example, you could create sign for your store that says “Text COOLSHIRT to 313131 for a 5% off coupon.” From now on, you’ll know those subscribers who texted you have an interest in t-shirts. Later, you could use a new keyword to capture a different audience; “Text BOARDSHORTS to 313131 to get a 5% coupon” would create a list of boardshort enthusiasts. From now on, you will have a list of t-shirt fans and boardshort fans to whom you can send personalized offers.

Use Sales/Usage Data to Create Your Own Lists

Keywords are a fabulous way to build segmented contact lists, but they’re not the only way. Most businesses have a wealth of potential information about their customers that they can use to serve up better offers. Think about your customers’ history with you, and ask yourself: What was their last purchase – maybe they need another? When was their last visit – maybe it’s time to come back? What type of purchase did they make – maybe they would like something similar?

Use Texting to Build Loyalty

Doesn’t it feel great when a business recognizes your loyalty? This can happen with a special offer, such as an early notification of an upcoming sale. Wouldn’t you like to get a text message telling you “Anniversary Sale opens early for loyal customers – come Thursday 2/10 for a preview!”

Beyond sales and offers, texting can be a friendly way to check in with customers. Think about setting up automated texts that say, “Hope you’re enjoying your recent purchase!” This shows you care, and that your relationship with them doesn’t end at the cash register. You can also send holiday greetings or birthday wishes via text. For added emphasis, consider sending a picture image via MMS. EZ Texting offers free templates for holiday greetings to send to your customers “just because.”

In all of these cases, it’s important to be sure you have explicit permission to text customers before you press send. It doesn’t build goodwill if customers feel like they’re being spammed. You may also find yourself facing a legal liability.

Show You Customers Love with Great Service

Texting can also help you service your customer, even after they’ve made a purchase. Consider using text notifications to let people know when their package will be delivered. You can also use texting to have one-on-one customer service conversations. Making sure every step of your interaction runs smoothly - from the initial contact to post-delivery - build lots of good feelings because it shows you care.

How can you use texting to show love to your customers? Call our Client Success Managers at (855) 854-3024 to learn more or sign up for EZ Texting and give it a try!

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