Text Marketing in 2019 Report: The Next Generation of Business Communication

Text Marketing in 2019
Text Marketing in 2019 Report: The Next Generation of Business Communication

These days, finding a way to cut through the noise and deliver your marketing message is one of the greatest challenges facing any small business owner or marketing professional. Direct mail drops right into the circular file, emails are deleted unopened, and social media messages are scanned and forgotten, but there's one marketing move you may not be using that offers a personal, one-to-one connection to your customers and an incredible 98% engagement rate: text marketing.

EZ Texting recently surveyed 565 consumers and 571 businesses (1,136 respondents in total) across all ages, genders, and locations in the United States to produce the new report on text communication in 2019: The Next Generation of Business Communication. What we found was undeniable: People love to text and they want to communicate with businesses via text.

86% of small business owners who use text messaging find that it offers a higher rate of engagement than email marketing.

We found that 64% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are set up to receive text messages, but only 13% of those surveyed use the medium to communicate with their customers. Meanwhile, 84% of consumers have received some kind of text messaging from a business and/or organization, and 86% of the companies that do use text marketing say that they’re rewarded with higher engagement rates than email, which remains the primary form of customer communications for most businesses.

We’ve historically reported a 98% open rate for text messages, and our previous report, How People are REALLY Texting in 2019, found that 90% of people respond to new text messages within 30 minutes, with 70% of people checking new text messages within five minutes. Compare that to the average 17% open rate for email communications and the decision to add text marketing to your overall marketing mix should be coming into focus.

"I have been able to reach out to all my clients and prospects in one place through a technology that is incredibly useful and has a great ROI. Text is a great way to market."
—Felix R, Branch Marketing Manager
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All these findings and more can be found in our latest report, available to download for free. Be sure to get your copy today.

Text Communication Report and Text Marketing Statistics

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