Text Marketing Like a Big Company, Even if You’re Small

Text Marketing for Small Businesses
Text Marketing Like a Big Company, Even if You’re Small

Using text marketing campaigns like a big company sounds great – just throw a few million dollars at it and you can have a world class texting program. Thankfully you don’t need millions to text like an industry giant.

Text Marketing Through an Online Platform

So how do you text hundred or even thousands of contacts without having a big IT department and money to burn? The answer is an online service like EZ Texting. Although we do offer enterprise-level API services for bigger companies, we are the industry leader in getting small to middle-sized business up and running on our self-serve platform.

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How Does the EZ Texting Software Work?

When you sign up for EZ Texting a few things happen right away:

1. You can upload your existing opted-in contact list - these are contacts who have said yes to receiving texts from you.

In the same way you attach a document to an email, you can upload a XLSX, XLX, or CSV file with up to 50,000 contacts.

2. We’ll supply you a short code and you can reserve a Keyword

Have you seen signs like this, “Text TRYIT to 474747 to get a demo?” In this example TRYIT is the Keyword and 474747 is the short code. You can use this technique to attract opted-in subscribers.

3. Send a message to your contacts – whether it’s 5 or 165,000

Instead of typing on your phone, you’ll write, save time with marketing automation and send your message through the EZ Texting tool, which you log in to from your computer or mobile phone.

Level Up Your Text Marketing Approach

Once you get rolling with your text marketing program, you can use of some of our more advanced features that take advantage of our automation and reporting features:

Ready to Use Text Marketing Like a Boss?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can accomplish with text messaging. Our customer support team are experts on helping small businesses text like industry titans! Give us a call today or check out our packages now!

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