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4 Ways Text Marketing Can Help Property Managers Sell More

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December 2, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Real estate and property managers have found a new home in text communications for property management.

Vacant properties cost money every day they remain empty and unoccupied. Act quickly to market available properties, get them ready for important showings, and attract prospective tenants. Integrate MMS photo imagery to generate even more attention, with staged properties that encourage more tours and more sales.

The more interest you can capture — and the quicker you can accomplish this — the better off your business will be. With text messaging, you can effortlessly connect with qualified leads through notifications that are immediate, timely, and tempting.


of texts are opened by recipients, inspiring quick calls to action.


Market Open Units & Build a List of Qualified Applicants

Building up a valuable SMS subscriber list will help you get the word out as quickly as listings become available to rent or lease. All it takes is a few clicks to send out a text message to 1000s. Texting’s push notification system offers the potential to convert leads into tenants within minutes. Nearly all texts (98%) are opened by recipients, inspiring quick calls to action.


Compliancy Is Key for an Optimized SMS Database

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Conveniently upload compliant contacts (those that have agreed to receive text messages from your business) into your database. EZ Texting’s straightforward contacts management system helps you keep track of comms and ensure your opt-in list is up-to-date. Further simplify the process by segmenting leads by interest (ie number of bedrooms, views) or location of properties for those managers that oversee numerous rentals.

Additionally, our SafeSTOP feature eliminates compliance risk with our revolutionary, secure process for opting out, setting preferences, or reporting unwanted texts.


Schedule In-Person & Virtual Tours

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Show off your properties either via virtual tours or bringing prospects in for a walk-through or open house. Property tours are a necessary step for selling a unit so be sure to automate the process to keep things running smoothly via text scheduling.

Pro Tip: Add MMS imagery or video to boost even more interest in scheduling tours. A well-staged property not only sells faster — but can increase the value significantly. According to the National Association of Realtors, 40% of agents cite staging as having an effect on a lead.


Streamline the Application Process

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Keep the momentum going after successful tours, marketing promotions, and move-in specials by helping guide prospects from initial interest to application process. Timely follow-up is crucial to selling your units.

Don’t delay and inspire prompt action by streamlining the application process with a trackable link.


Minimize Time-Consuming Phone Calls — and Face-to-Face Interactions

With action-packed days full of running properties — collecting rent, offering tours, fielding maintenance concerns, scheduling events, communicating with current tenants, and marketing new properties — you want to streamline and automate administrative concerns as much as possible.

Sample Text Message

Reduce phone calls with quick texts. Leads will appreciate your prompt responses as a sign of future communications as a tenant.

You can also curtail your amount of face-to-face interactions by offering speedy responses via text.

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