Text Marketing Makes Eco-Sense - Cut Down on Paper Usage with Text Marketing

10 Apr

Can text marketing help you go green for earth day? It may sound like a bit of stretch, but text marketing can lessen your reliance on paper goods by connecting to your audience through their phones. Here are three ways you can cut down on cutting down trees with mass texting.

1. Advertising Your Business with Text

Instead of printing out a batch of mailers to let opted-in customers know about a sale or special, consider sending a mass text instead. In the message, include necessary details and link to your website for more information. Since texts have an open rate above 98%, you can be sure your message won’t end up in the recycle bin.

text marketing promotion campaign example

2. Appointment and Billing Reminders with Text

Some businesses send reminders and confirmations on paper. You don’t have to do this! Services like EZ Texting allow you to schedule reminders via text. Again, unbeatable text open rates insure that your audience will receive the message. Imagine how many fewer missed appointments you’ll see or late notices you’ll send!

Text marketing appointment reminder example

3. Text Polls and Surveys

Want instant feedback on a new product, service quality, or customer preferences? Texting is a great way to get a quick read on your customers’ feelings without sending them a lengthy, paper-intensive survey. EZ Texting also has a customizable polling feature for when you need to create contact groups based on responses.For more in-depth surveys you can create one online with a tool like Survey Monkey, and use texting to send out the link. You’re guaranteed a high open rate, and less paper used!

Text marketing poll example

Texting is What Your Customers Want

Especially if they skew younger, texting is the preferred way for customers to interact with businesses. Reaching out via text will not only will save some trees, it will make people happy. Talk about a win-win!

If you’re looking for ways to make your business more efficient and less reliant on paper-based communications, our Customer Support Team can help! Call (800) 753-5732 or check out our service for yourself!

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