Situation Uses Text Marketing for a Memorable MEAN GIRLS Promotion

31 May
During the 2018 BroadwayCon, Situation did something that Gretchen Wieners couldn’t: they made “Fetch” happen! The NYC-based digital agency used EZ Texting’s service to market the new MEAN GIRLS Broadway musical, using the famous catch-phrase as the lynchpin for their text marketing campaign. The results were awesome!

Choosing the Right Text Marketing Keyword – So Fetch

Situation crafted a clever text promotion that transformed the restrooms of BroadwayCon into high school bathrooms right out of the show. Instead of scrawling burns, the graffiti on the bathroom mirrors told visitors, “I’ve got gossip…text ‘FETCH’ to 797979”.

Text Marketing for Mean Girls Keyword CTA

Follow Up with Flair - This Is, Like, a Really Huge Deal

The auto reply included a selfie of the show’s queen mean girl, Regina George, and a welcome message that sounds like it’s coming straight from her. During the convention they followed up and sent funny messages to keep interest high. At the close of the convention they updated their auto-reply to reflect the closing of the campaign.

Text Marketing for Mean Girls Auto Response

So Good It Burns - Making a Hit on Social Media

In addition to bringing a smile to visitors faces and boosting direct engagement, the MEAN GIRLS text promotion was a total hit on social media, with fans tweeting their appreciation for the creative campaign.

What’s Your “Fetch?”

Situation did a fantastic job using one of MEAN GIRLS’ memorable lines to fuel their texting campaign. As you consider text marketing with Keywords, think about what you’re famous for and what customers will remember. How you can inject fun and creativity into your approach – both in the texts themselves, but also in the marketing of the program?


If you’re considering text marketing, or wanting to take it to the next level, EZ Texting can help. Our Customer Support Managers are experts at helping businesses become text marketing superstars. Give us a call at (800) 753-5732 or check out our pricing plans now.

More About Situation

Situation is a digital-first marketing agency. Since 2001, they’ve connected people with amazing brand experiences. Through creative, media, and technology, they help brands capture and promote why their brand is truly worth experiencing in ways that move people to action.

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