Text Marketing for Mother’s Day Promotions – What Your Retail Business Needs to Know

24 Apr
Mother’s Day is one of the most important days for a wide variety of retail businesses. Text Marketing for Mother’s Day can help reap a bigger share of this valuable market. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that 86% of Americans will celebrate the holiday this year, and spend an average of $180 per person. Approximately 1/3 of those consumers will look to specialty shops to buy flowers, jewelry, or electronics for moms. If you own one of these kinds of stores, texting can help build your profits this year.

Here are few tips on how you can use text marketing to boost your business this Mother’s Day:

1. Build Your List Pre-Mother’s Day Using Keywords

In the weeks before Mother’s Day run an opt-in campaign using store signage and word of mouth. For example, using a service like EZ Texting you can reserve a Keyword, such as MOMZ on a shared short code like 313131. Tell shoppers that to text MOMZ to 313131 to receive a special 10% coupons and future sale notifications. You can share this message on signs, email signatures and social media to make sure people see it and take action.

text marketing for mothers day keyword example

2. Send Promotions and Coupons By Text

Once you have a healthy opted-in contact list, give your audience a reason to pick your business. Send them a text message with a promotion, special, or coupon. Customers always like to save money, but you may want to consider BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offers that encourage additional purchases.

text marketing for mothers day promotion example


3. Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind with Picture Messages (MMS)

Even if you don’t have a special offer, consider reaching out to customers to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day or share an image of relevant merchandise that they may want to purchase. Sending a picture message (MMS) can amplify your message and make a purchase much more desirable.

text marketing for mothers day mms example

Get Started Now

Text Marketing for Mother’s Day gives you an easy and cost-effective way to build your list, drive sales, and increase engagement. If you’r ready to start texting your customers, EZ Texting can help. We’re experts on helping small to medium retail businesses get up and running – and thriving with text marketing. Give us a call at (800) 753-5732 or check out our pricing plans now!


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