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3 Easy Ways To Get Started with Text Marketing on Mother’s Day

Nurture Your Customers and Contributors This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Featured Image
April 19, 2022
Christine Defranco
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Mother’s Day is an important holiday to honor our mothers (and anyone who has nurtured us along the way), but it is also an important time for businesses and organizations to honor their customers and contributors. Due to the more personal connection they often share with their customers, small businesses are especially well-suited to seize the Mother’s Day marketing opportunities. Text marketing for Mother’s Day presents small and large businesses alike a unique opportunity to deliver value-driven text messages that nurture both their relationships and celebration plans.

But just how important is Mother’s Day in 2022? This is a fair question, especially considering the sweeping changes that have affected the way people live and do business when faced with a global pandemic. According to the National Retail Federation, 83% of people believe celebrating Mother’s Day has taken on extra importance with the COVID pandemic. And now, with traveling picking back up, and a surge in vaccines allowing for more togetherness—now is the time for families to go big in May this Mother’s Day.

Getting started is easy, especially if you know a few basic tips to help start your text marketing campaign. Note, these tips can also be applied to other marketing channels and can help inspire all of your Mother’s Day marketing endeavors. So, don’t let this Mother’s Day pass without texting your subscribers — as well as encouraging new ones to join your database. Make sure to follow these tips and use text marketing to boost your business on this special holiday in May.


Build Your Contact List Pre-Mother's Day Using Keywords

The best way to start promoting your small business this Mother’s Day is to use the weeks leading up to the holiday to build your contact list up and out. To do this, simply run an opt-in campaign, using special Keywords that remind people of the special day, like “MOMZ.”  You can utilize existing store signage, word of mouth, and social media posts to promote your opt-in campaign. You can include your opt-in campaign on signs, TV spots, and email signatures or any other  marketing initiatives you are deploying. The goal is to make sure people see it and take action. 

Mother's Day Text Message

So for example, if you promote a special Keyword, such as "MOMZ" on a dedicated short code like 313131. Ask customers to text "MOMZ" to 313131 to receive a special 10% coupon for the day — as well as future sale notifications.


Send Promotions & Coupons by Text

Building your list should happen weeks before an event or holiday, in this case Mother’s Day. But when should you start your actual holiday sale or campaign? The answer is simple—begin once you have a healthy opted-in contact list. Then, motivate your audience (aka those who opted in) to favor your business by offering something unique, valuable, and targeted to your specific customer base. For example, offering extra savings is always one of the ultimate motivators.

Mother's Day Text Message

Other ideas include sending customers a text message with a VIP promotion, special deal, or exclusive text-only coupon. You can also offer a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offer that encourages additional purchases. Include coupons via trackable links, a text that customers can show staff, or an MMS image.



Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind with Picture Messages (MMS)

Mother's Day MMS Message

Don’t have a special offer to extend to your audience? Or perhaps your organization simply wants to celebrate the occasion and special offers do not make sense. That’s ok! There is value in extending a sincere message sent simply to help uplift and celebrate the day.

One effective way to do so is to reach out to your audience and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day with a festive image, GIF, video, or audio file. Do you know that sending such imagery with a text can amplify your message by 250% as compared to text-only SMS messages.

To help you share the joy of the holiday with your customers in style we’ve even created some Mother's Day MMS templates for you to send out. These specialized templates, which we create for multiple occasions, make creating an impressive and professional MMS message something anyone can create in just minutes.

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