Text Marketing Beats Email for Nonprofit Donation Requests

Text Marketing Beats Email for Nonprofit Donation Requests

Text marketing is a tried and true strategy for nonprofits looking to coordinate volunteers and attract event attendees. But have you considered using texting to attract donations?

HSUS Sees Huge Gains with Text-Based Fundraising

At a recent recent Nonprofit Technology Conference, Ellen Pascale of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) explained, “At HSUS, fundraising texts last year averaged a click-through rate 20 times greater than the average nonprofit fundraising email and a response rate 10 times higher.” She went on to describe the increasing importance of mobile marketing on their efforts. Imagine the kind of impact you could make by incorporating text marketing into your fundraising strategy. 

EZ Texting Can Help You Get the Word Out for Your Next Fundraiser

If you’re wondering how nonprofits like HSUS do it, we’ve put together a list of suggestions on how to grow your list, build excitement, and boost interactions using text marketing for your next fundraising event.

1. Use a Texting Keyword Campaign to Grow Your Subscriber List

Depending on your plan, EZ Texting allows you to create a Keyword like EZGIVE to use for growing your list. Your account also comes with an easy to remember short code. Use these tools to attract subscribers. Tell people about your texting program and encourage them to join, using your signage, emails, and website. It could say something like, “Text EZGIVE to 313131 to hear about upcoming events and fundraising opportunities!”

2. Send a Drip Campaign to Keep Your Fundraising Top of Mind

Drip campaigns are a great way to keep your fundraiser top-of-mind for subscribers, without having to do a lot of work to remind them. Before you begin, plan a multi-text series that you can create in advance. Then, you can focus on other things when the fundraising crunch time begins. Consider text messages that read like this, “Did you know EZ Give helps 300 families with school supplies every year? You don’t have to wait for our next big event to give: https//clk2.me/HRvz”

text marketing for non profit drip campaign example

3. Send an MMS Picture Message for Greater Impact

Texts with pictures, also known as MMS messages, can do a great job of catching subscribers’ attention. If you’re doing an auction, giving away prizes, or just want to remind subscribers who’s benefitting from their contribution, consider including a picture with your text. EZ Texting customers often see more engagement when they send a picture with a message. Imagine a text message with an image of a spa and the message, “A beautiful day at the spa could still be yours! Bid on this and other amazing experiences at EZ Give’s silent auction. Details: https//clk2.me/HRvz”

text marketing for non profit mms example

Is Your Nonprofit Getting the Most Out of Text Marketing?

If you’ve considered text marketing but aren’t sure where to begin, EZ Texting Customer Support Managers are ready to assist. We’ve helped countless nonprofit agencies make the most out of our text marketing software. Give us a call at (800) 753-5732 or check out our pricing plans now.

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