Text Marketing: A Simple Guide to Improving Your Results

Text Marketing: A Simple Guide to Improving Your Results

Text marketing works because it cuts through clutter to reach your target audience.The impact made by text messages is reflected in these numbers:

Check out the basics of mobile marketing with texts, and see how it can strengthen your relationship with your customers:

Keywords and Short Codes for Growing Your List

A short code is a five- or six-digit number used to send a text messages instead of 10-digit phone number. Sharing short codes can make it very cost-effective to send bulk text messages. But, with clients sharing numbers, how does EZ Texting insure that text messages end up in the right mailbox?

text marketing - keyword example

Keywords are 2-12 digit phrases composed of letters and/or numbers that companies advertise and contacts use in their texts to short codes. While shared short codes are used by multiple businesses, keywords can only be used by one company at a time. EZ Texting auto-sorts new contacts based on the keyword they use.

For example, a business might advertise the following message in print or on social media: “Text NewClothes to 797979 to join our list and be the first to know about new deals at The Centurion Mall.” In this ad, NewClothes is the keyword, 797979 is the short code. 

Keywords and short codes, along with simple sign-up widgets, can be used to acquire new customers and even learn more about their preferences. Knowing more about what your customers want help guide your marketing and buying decisions.

Text-Based Chat for Better Customer Service

Research shows that the cost a of single customer service call ranges between $6 and $20, yet text messages can reduce that to just pennies. Further, customers often wait endlessly on hold, while service reps sometimes have to reconcile call quotas with company goals. It’s a frustrating issue for both sides, but luckily there is a solution.

text marketing - chat example

EZ Chat lets you have personalized, text message conversations with customers using a 10 digit phone number. EZ Texting can help you set up your current landline for this, or  you can purchase a line through us. Converting to a text message-based chat system, alleviates stress on your current staff, and enables them to come up with the best possible solution, and save time and money. As an added value, you can also use EZ Chat to proactively text customers, such as when an item they’ve purchased is ready for pick-up.

How to Use SMS and MMS Messages for Text Marketing

SMS stands for Short Message Service and MMS for Multimedia Messaging Service. Here are two fundamental differences:

  • SMS: This message is text-only, and you get 160 characters (letter, number, or punctuation marks). These are perfect for announcements, notifications, alerts, reminders, and dates/times; the more basic your message, the better it is for SMS.
  • MMS: With these, you can include a picture, video, or sound file. Text is optional. Attachments help you announce new menu items, show off products, and send personalized branded content. Real estate professionals can also show off new properties.

Text Marketing - MMS example

How Will You Use Text Marketing?

These are the foundations of text marketing, and as a reminder, contacts have to opt-in through written or electronic means before you can text them. A customer’s purchase history or you having their contact info is not the same as opting in. These are just the basics of text messaging, but they can help companies and organizations reduce time and money.

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