Text Marketing for Tax Preparation Businesses - How You Can Benefit

05 Apr

Tax Day is quickly approaching, and that means your tax preparation franchise is in its busy season! Trying to gain more customers while also bringing back customers you helped last year can be time consuming! EZ Texting can help your tax preparation franchise share promotions, send one-to-one scheduling messages, and coordinate training and staffing information for employees! Here are a few ways text marketing can help your tax preparation business:

Send Out Text Promotions

Whether you are a tax professional or a manager at a tax preparation franchise, promotions play an important part of tax season. Trying to catch the eye of potential clients while also bringing back last years clients can be pretty time consuming.


text marketing for tax preparation business promotion example

Emails are easily looked over, but a text promotion is a great way to grab their attention! Send a message to your contacts that will be sure to motivate them to look to your franchise for help. "This week only - Switch to EZ Tax and get $200! Give us a call or visit our website to get started on your taxes!"

One-to-One Scheduling Text Messages

During tax season, tax professionals spend their work day meeting with clients and updating clients throughout the process. Everyone is working to meet the same tax day deadline! Keeping up with scheduling meetings and sending updates can be time consuming and reaching someone at a convenient time can be difficult.

Make scheduling an appointment with you easy! Use our EZ Send Page to send a message to your clients "Hello! This is Victoria! It’s time to setup your tax appointment! Reply to this text or call 800-753-5732. See you soon!" Then when their tax return is complete you can send them a notification. "Your tax return is complete. Please call our advisors at 800-753-5732 to find out what next steps you need to take."

text marketing for tax preparation business reminder example

Get Your Employees Involved

Text messaging your customers is a great way to keep them engaged and it is also a great way to get your employees involved and keep them up to date with what is going on in the office or company! Whether it is important dates, training information, or office updates, text messaging is a very effective way to update your employees.

Send your employees a text message for you next event! Be sure to grab their attention and create excitement! "I would like to invite you to attend a town hall for all 1st year tax professionals! We will have food, fun, and networking! More info to come. See you there!"

text marketing for tax preparation business Human Resources example

Whether you are looking to contact customers with promotions and scheduling or you’re looking to keep your employees updated with training and staffing information EZ Texting can help! We have experience helping tax preparation franchises with text marketing. Give us a call at 800-753-5732 or get started today!

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