Text Message Compliance - How and Why You Need to Follow It

05 Jan

Congratulations to you, small business owner! Your company is up and running (or perhaps you’ve already made a big footprint) you have lots of customer data, and you want to get even more customers. Time to start reaching out to them with marketing and promotions messages, right?

The answer is yes, but the answer is also “yes, but not so fast.”

To celebrate EZ Texting’s “Text Compliance Month,” we’re giving you a brief overview of what you’ll need to know to engage customers legally and appropriately.

You Need Customer Opt-ins Before Texting

Customers need to explicitly opt in to receive text messages before you send them one.

One way to get people to opt in is to advertise an enticing message on a billboard, social media, or anywhere your customers eyeballs are. A good message might be: “Text TacoFan to 313131 to receive discounts from Jaime’s Tacos!” When customers follow that call-to-action, that is considered opting in.

Provide Next Steps and Key Info

When customers opt in to receive future messaging, you’ll need to inform them of the following:

  1. Confirmation they’ve opted in
  2. An estimation of how often you’ll text (i.e. twice per month)
  3. Instructions such as “Reply HELP for more info, Reply STOP to stop.”

Not offering contacts the chance to leave your text list can immediately label you a spammer, which violates the CTIA’s guidelines for best practices.

Only Send Relevant Messages

Your customers have opted in to receive texts from you; in a sense, they’re trusting you to use their personal phone number responsibly. As such, don’t send them pictures of your new dog or you flexing at the gym. Sending irrelevant messaging will cause them to opt out, lower your sales, waste your marketing budget, and even put you at legal risk.

With all of these best practices, the key is to stay on the good side of the law. Much like email and phone calls, marketers have to follow specific steps to remain compliant and avoid being labeled a spammer; or much worse, getting taken to court. The above tips provide some guidance, but to get the full list of what’s legally required, check out the CTIA!

Throughout this month, we’ll be celebrating compliance, so be on the lookout for great new content showing you how to text like a pro!

Get your text compliance questions answered by calling our Client Success Managers today at (800) 753-5732!

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