Text Message Marketing Up 197% From Previous Year

16 Jan

According to a report issued earlier this year by Chief Marketer, only 20% of marketers are using SMS campaigns. Nevertheless, that figure takes the uptake of SMS text advertising by SMS marketing teams up by 197% since November 2011. Despite the slow rate of change, it's clear that change is afoot.

Average email open rates, meanwhile, have been falling in a dramatic way. The average person is so bombarded by daily emails that they tend to mentally filter out those messages that aren't algorithmically filtered out by their spam folder. Even Google has started filtering messages so that gmail presents users with messages from their most commonly-opened contacts.

The beauty of SMS mobile marketing is the removal of those filters. A well-devised SMS marketing campaign is virtually guaranteed to reach its audience. Overwhelmingly, the message gets delivered, and the message gets viewed.

Think about it. What does your average morning session at your inbox look like? Do you excitedly sign in to look at your 78 new messages? Or do you automatically assume that 70 of those messages are spam? SMS marketing doesn't have the same negative implications. Marketing managers have learned from the mistakes of the Email Age, and are now  ensuring they only contact people who have expressly asked to be contacted.

This type of communication serves the convenience of consumers and businesses alike. SMS text advertising can reach people when they aren't expecting it – which is often exactly when they need to hear your message. If a customer is out for a day's shopping, SMS mobile marketing strategies[BC1]  are more likely to reach them than emails. 

As smartphone usage has swelled, the desktop browser has become less relevant. With SMS marketing, people can be reached irrespective of their proximity to home. On-demand, real-time communication between two parties who wantto be in touch with one another is finally here.

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