5 Text Message Marketing Best Practices for 2020

5 Text Message Marketing Best Practices for 2020

If you're reading this article, there's a good chance that you've either recently invested in a text marketing solution or you're in the market for one. No matter what category you fall under, the success of your text messaging activities depends on seamless on-boarding and an affinity for text message marketing best practices.

For many years, we've helped industry-leading enterprises, businesses, organizations, and nonprofits orchestrate results-driven text marketing campaigns and promotions. As a recognized business text messaging provider, we know exactly what it takes to attract high-value prospects and customers via text.

And we're here today to share these expert insights with you.

5 Text Message Marketing Best Practices for Massive Success

Have you ever received a marketing promotion that was so wildly compelling that you immediately took the next step? You know what good marketing looks like, and more importantly, you know what good marketing feels like.

And that's just it, right?

The fact is, great marketing doesn't feel like marketing. Here are the five text message marketing practices you need to know in order to initiate high-value text messages that feel less like marketing and more like texting with a friend:

1. Make Offers Exclusive

Many business owners and marketers get the best results when they deliver exclusive deals and promotions to text recipients. Be sure to let your contacts know upfront that you will deliver special promotions that they can't find anywhere else.

In this way, prospects will be incentivized to sign up for your text messages. Brian Alvarez of Brian's Place uses this exact technique to grow a VIP program.

2. Personalize Text Messages

Addressing customers by name or including some hyper-relevant information within the text can make a big impact. For text recipients, this kind of personalization makes it feel as if the text message was specially tailored for them.

We make it super easy to insert personalization tokens. For example, to add a contact's name in the body of the text message, click the Personalize button. This will automatically pull the contact's name right into the body of the email.

3. Invest in Text-To-Landline

The single easiest thing you can do to immediately improve the effectiveness of your text marketing is to invest in text-to-landline. With text-to-landline, prospects and customers can reach your business at their convenience through your existing business landline. The best part is, a landline with texting capabilities causes zero disruption to your voice service and requires no additional hardware upgrades.

We make it simple and easy to text-enable your existing business landline. This service integrates seamlessly with your existing telephone system, carrier, and customer relationship management tool. With access to world-class customer service support, our highly trained textperts are easy to reach and eager to help your business succeed.


4. Create Compelling Calls-To-Action

What is it that you want prospects and customers to do when you send a text?

A clear and compelling call-to-action encourages recipients to take a marketing action. There is plenty of high-value calls-to-action that you can insert into your text marketing promotions and campaign including:

  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • Join
  • Get X% off
  • Get involved

5. Pick the Right Cadence

Finally, be sure to pick the right cadence. Before opt-in, be sure to let recipients know how often they'll receive texts from your business or organization.

Our platform makes this best practice super simple because you can schedule text messages to go out whenever you want – you don't have to be in front of your computer or on your smartphone to send!

Start Text Message Marketing With EZ Texting

As you can see, there are plenty of results-driven text message marketing best practices that you can infuse into your own text messaging activities. Adopting one or more of these high-powered text messaging best practices will allow you to craft targeted and compelling text messages that prospects and customers can't ignore.

We've helped more than 160,000 customers send over 4 billion text messages... and counting! If you're ready to start your own text marketing journey, we recommend checking out our text-to-landline service. It's the easiest and quickest way to start texting your prospects and customers today!

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