How Text Message Marketing Can Make Your Life Easier

How Text Message Marketing Can Make Your Life Easier

Text message marketing will always win points for being fast and far reaching, but have you thought about how it can make your life easier? At EZ Texting we want you to ge the most out of your texting program, and part of that is demonstrating how it can streamline your business processes.

Here are some ways texting can help you take the load off!

1. Create Automated Text Reminders

Whether you want people to show up for appointments or remember to pay their bills, automated reminders can make this process much easier than if you had to pick up the phone! And, with a 98% open rate, texting gives your message a much better chance of being received and read.

text message marketing reminder example


2. Send Mass Notifications to Your Employees

Maybe you need to coordinate shifts or just let employees know about an important deadline. Anytime you need to make a large amount of contacts aware of something right away, texting makes it easy. With EZ Texting, you can send out a mass notices from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone that can reach thousands of contacts at a time.

text message marketing employee notification example


3. Have a One-to-One Conversation via Text

Our EZ Chat service allows customers to have a chat conversation via text from a 10-digit phone number. That means that your customers can text a question to your main business number (once you’ve text-enabled it) and you can reply through your EZ Texting interface, which is way easier and trackable than doing it on your phone.

text message marketing chat example

Get Started Working Smarter with Texting

Think about how you can use the power of text message marketing to make your life easier. Our customer care team are experts at helping businesses of every size make the most of texting. Give us a call at (800) 753-5732 or check out our plans right now!

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