Text Promotions for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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November 20, 2019
Lauren Goldenberg
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Get ready, get set, and explore all the tech-savvy ways to jumpstart your business for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the lucrative weekend in between. Whether your shop has a physical or an online presence (or a combination of the two), text marketing can boost revenue streams by promoting incentivizing deals, notifying customers on safety updates, driving other top-selling channels, and other incentives.

Personally, these days following Thanksgiving are among my favorites as we count down to the end of the year. I love to soak up all the fashions and spend the hours with people I hold dear. It can be a busy time, yet it’s a joyous one as well.

But don’t expect 2020 to look like any other times. Traditionally, we would expect to discover manic and packed crowds — but this November, many stores will be limited in the number of patrons they can allow inside. More customers than ever will be browsing for gifts with all the comforts of home (literally), online and on their mobile phones. 

Retailers can streamline the entire purchasing journey and minimize abandoned carts by texting reminders and trackable links to buy. Tips and tricks for Black Friday Text Marketing — as well as Cyber Monday Text Marketing — can be employed to ensure that you keep items flying off your shelves and cash flowing back inside your pockets. 

6 Top Black Friday & Cyber Monday Text Marketing Solutions

Smart text messaging solutions can help you make the most of the holidays and the boon to end-of-the-year retail market share. Many businesses will be utilizing “pull forward” campaigns to kick off holiday sales even earlier. 

Amazon’s Prime Day began October 13, and this signaled the beginning of the holiday season for some stores. How can you ensure that you have the best quarter of the year? Included below, find 6 of the best tips:


1. Text Marketing for Black Friday 2020 Must Include Touchless SMS Strategies

There’ll be no public melees and raucous crowds fighting over price-slashed appliances or even the last pair of shoes in the store. Shoppers will avoid crowds like… well, the plague. 

Curbside Pickup and Customer Delivery must be on the menu whether you’re a retailer or restaurateur to ensure proactive safety measures that will meet the needs and expectations of both your customers and staff. 

2. Text Marketing for Cyber Monday? Or Cyber Everyday?

Remind shoppers an online store is ALWAYS open. Text subscribers notifications of ongoing sales as you roll them out. Send trackable coupons with links and automatized reminders of abandoned carts. Generate extra interest with easy-to-communicate 1-on-1 Chat conversations that keep communication channels open as you easily respond to customers, answering questions and closing sales. 


3. The Best Holiday Sales Texts Include Special Offers

Want to really entice shoppers? Text them a jaw-dropping deal that’s really worthy of being called a Black Friday or Cyber Monday special. This is the biggest shopping holiday of the year so this is the time to go big or go home. 

You can also encourage future engagement by encouraging shoppers to sign in to your database by promoting a text marketing Keyword opt-in through signage throughout your store, on publicity materials, and even email signature.


open rates makes texting the highest level of engagement of any marketing channel.

4. Send a SMS Promo Code with your Black Friday or Cyber Monday Text

Reward loyal VIP customers with a special promotion via text. Research shows that text promotions offer redemption rates of 70-80%. Want to add even more impact? Include gift-worthy MMS images that shoppers won’t be able to ignore. You can even easily measure the metrics of the coupon’s success by monitoring its trackable code.

Black Friday Promo Message


5. Texting Can Boost All Channels: Give Customers a Reason to Call

Do you also rely on phone orders? Send customers a Holiday Sale Text and create a rush of clients dialing in to fill orders. Texting cuts through the holiday noise with 98% open rates and the highest levels of engagement of any marketing channel around. You’ll edge above your competitors.


6. And Of Course: Don’t Forget Giving Tuesday!

After several days of non-stop shopping, folks around the globe donate to worthy organizations where their dollars can make a profound impact. If you’re a house of faith, a charity, or a nonprofit, this is the ideal time to work on boosting fundraising opportunities. The pandemic has hit these sectors hard. Deliver powerful texts of healing and hope to subscribers, along with notifications for how people can contribute and make a difference. 

If you’re a business, consider giving a portion of your proceeds to these worthy causes as well. Your generosity will not go unnoticed and you can encourage your customers to get into the giving spirit too!

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