Text Promotions for Black Friday

10 Nov

Can you believe Halloween is over and Black Friday is almost here? According to a RetailMeNot survey, consumers expect to spend 47% more this Black Friday weekend than last year. So our question is, have you thought about how you can use text promotions to capture that anticipated increase? If the answer is yes, but you’re also asking “Where do I start?” then we’ve got you covered.

There are many ways to use text marketing to drive customers to your business. Here are four great examples, but we’ve got a whole in-depth guide for you as well.

1. Give a Discount -- Who doesn’t like a Black Friday sale? No one! But make sure you’re doing it right. Give a discount that encourages future engagement so that the benefits continue into the next year. Using a keyword like SUPERCOOLEZT can help you track which customers signed up using a certain promotion. For best results, publicize your keyword on signage, email signatures and publicity materials.


2. Send a promo code -- Reward your loyal subscribers with a special they can only get via text. Afterwards, you can track how many customers used the code.


3. Send a link -- Even if you don’t have a special code to send, text messages with links are great way to drive engagement. Consider using a dedicated URL so that you can see exactly how many people responded to your text ad.


4. Give a reason to call -- For businesses that rely on phone orders, text marketing can encourage customers to start dialing on Black Friday. As with the link example, consider using a dedicated phone number so you can track the promotion's success.


If you’re wondering how texting can help with Black Friday or any other kind of promotion, give us a call at 800-753-5732. Our team specializes in helping businesses of all sizes get up and running with text marketing fast. With EZ Texting, you don’t need any special technology or expertise to send out thousands of messages in minutes. Happy shopping season!


Jessica Terashima is EZ Texting’s Director of Marketing Communications. She specializes in helping businesses improve their communication strategy, content and online branding.

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