6 Black Friday SMS Tips for the 2022 Holiday Season

With 2023 just around the corner, it's time to scope out deals.

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September 16, 2022
Anna Davies
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When it comes to Black Friday, there can be a lot of pressure to make sure you hit sales targets hard. But if you’re only concentrating on in-store or email promotions, you may be missing out on a key channel to reach your customers: Their phone.

Pulled in multiple directions during the holiday, SMS messaging is a way to immediately get the attention of your customers, let them know about promotions, and encourage them to shop from their phone. It’s also a way to clue your clientele into upcoming deals, reward loyal customers with “in the know” perks and discounts, and drive in-person foot traffic. Texting cuts right through the holiday noise with 98% open rates and the highest levels of engagement of any marketing channel around.

But you should have a solid promotion plan in place well before the bird hits the oven.

With a thoughtful, well-executed Black Friday text campaign, it’s easy to hit sales targets and drive your success throughout the holiday season.


open rates makes texting the highest level of engagement of any marketing channel.

Here, six strategies to consider when creating a text-message marketing campaign for Black Friday.


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1. Drive Foot Traffic & Phone Orders with Reminders

Marketing campaigns don’t have to be either/or when it comes to online or in-person. The best marketing campaigns utilize multiple channels, like foot traffic, email, and text-based marketing to drive toward conversion goals. If you’re having a large in-person sale, consider SMS reminders to encourage browsing or booking appointments.


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2. Create a Buy-Now Event with Creative Coupon Strategies

The Thanksgiving weekend is a hectic one. People are traveling, hosting, or just catching up on some quality time with their couch. But they’re also likely on their phones and considering the season ahead. Think of strategies that may encourage them to buy now, use later. This strategy can work well for fitness and wellness studios, but may also have utility for restaurants, coffee shops, or other establishments that people will want to visit year round.


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3. Explore Buy One, Get One & Gift Promotions

Buy one, get one (BOGO) is a classic coupon tactic for a reason: it works! Research shows that text promotions offer redemption rates of 70-80%. BOGO can work well to clear excess inventory, get people excited about new merchandise, and entice people to book additional services. An offshoot of BOGO promotions, “bring a friend” promotions can also help add to your mailing list and client base.


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4. Encourage Online Orders through Reminders

Have an online storefront? SMS messaging can complement the email marketing you already do, drawing people toward your site. And consider MMS messaging as well, which allows you to showcase new inventory and must-have products.


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5. Take Advantage of Downtime with In-Store Events

Take advantage of the holiday weekend to encourage foot traffic. Free gifts and perks can encourage people to stop by, set up an appointment, or finally take the time to cross something off their to-do list.


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6. Engage Customers with Two-Way Messaging

1:1 texting is an ideal way to allow customers to know you’re listening, you care about them, and you offer services above and beyond what else they may be able to find. Use Two-Way Messaging to connect with customers during the gifting season and encourage them to shop with you.


Know your customers

To create an engaging, effective Black Friday SMS marketing campaign for the holiday season, it’s critical to know your customers and tailor messages to their needs. Last year may have been unique, but it also may have pointed out areas where your business can shine. Maybe people loved your cafe’s unique igloos for outdoor dining. Maybe your customers found curbside pickup convenient. Blow out whatever may have worked last year, even if it’s not “essential” – and use SMS messaging to spread the word.

And while Black Friday may only be one day, the entire holiday season is a time to invite your customers to connect with you and drive revenue with text marketing.

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