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How Texting is Streamlining the Property Management Maintenance Process

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December 2, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Increase resident satisfaction — as well as easing the burdens of staff — by streamlining and improving the efficiency of all maintenance operations.

As a property manager of either a single complex — or even multiple properties throughout the city, region, or country — you’re responsible for fielding all incoming maintenance requests. A challenging job to be sure, handling all requests and taking care of all units.

SMS messaging for property managers helps streamline these jobs and maximize efficiency — by keeping track of both incoming and outgoing requests.

When there’s an emergency, tenants appreciate quick responses and will be grateful that you have a system ready to go.


Make It Easy for Residents to Submit & Track Maintenance Requests

Most tenants know it's easier to submit written requests for repairs (as opposed to making a phone call to management). Not only is a text more time-efficient (no need to worry about playing games of phone tags or being put on hold), but there will be a record of the request. Even when tenants trust that management takes care of problems quickly, verbal requests are more likely to slip minds and accidentally get forgotten… or pushed aside if more urgent matters suddenly come up. (Management offices are busy, after all. And numerous tenants are often making requests at the same time).

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So when a request is more important than a simple light bulb replacement, tenants will appreciate that you have a streamlined system set up to quickly manage any repairs that come up.


Provide a Keyword Residents Can Text for Maintenance Support

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Keywords can be employed for more than just building a text message marketing campaign and encouraging people to join a database. They can also be utilized to encourage tenants to call out for repairs.

Just offer the use of a special word (such as MAINTENANCE) that tenants can text, which will then signal the office to check in to offer support and assistance.


Make It Easy to Remind Tenants About Routine Maintenance Issues

Sometimes maintenance issues, planned outages and fire drills, or nearby road closures will be known and can be sent to tenants with advance warning.

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Perhaps the apartment is having a planned construction, street closures for new tenants moving in, common area closures, or other concerns. Simplify both your schedule — as well as your tenants plans — by offering as much notice as possible.


Make it Easy to Alert Tenants on Any Surprise Emergencies

Of course, there will always be surprise emergencies that will arise and affect many or even all of your tenants — issues such as an elevator suddenly not working, power outages, or other concerns.

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Address them quickly and easily with texting’s push notification system. You’ll cut down on your entire roster of tenants calling you simultaneously during a power or WiFi outage if you can alert everyone to the issue with just the click of a few buttons.

Be sure to let folks know you’ll work to keep them updated so that tenants can trust that you’ve got the situation under control.

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